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What exactly is hiTask? It is an online task management software with which you can handle your to do list or manage a team task list. Moreover, with its help, you can share your online calendar too. Benefit from the use of this software and you will realize how easy is to keep track of all the tasks you and your team have to solve and how user friendly the interface of the software is!

You will have a shared calendar where you can see all your appointments and team tasks. It will be easier for you and your team to manage the to do list and to know which events are coming up. This task management software is designed to be simple and easy to use and this is why you can drag-n-drop in order for you to be able to organize tasks and projects. You will also have a list with the members of your team which you can access very easily and you can assign each of the members the tasks you need to.

If you are working on a management project with an entire team, you will probably need a shared to do list so that everybody can see the tasks they need to take care of. With this task management software, you will be able to choose a member of the team and assign him with the task you have in mind by dragging the task onto that member. Each of the team members can assign and create tasks so that the project will work smoothly.

If you have some comments in mind, you will be able to leave those comments for each other. You can keep track of the progress as you can be automatically notified by any change made to the task. Moreover, you will also be notified when the task is completed. So that you can always stay connected with the evolution of the project, we have created free apps for iOS and Android, apps where you can receive your task lists directly on the phone so that you can verify them even if you are on the move. Stay tuned because we are going to release the Windows Phone app very soon!

Choose hiTask because it is exactly what your need for your business to flourish! Choosing this task management, you will be able to benefit from the use of file sharing, time tracking, powerful reporting and using the email bridge. You can attach files, you can keep track of the time spent on a project, you can generate reports and send emails to hiTask whenever you want to start a new project. This is the most useful online task management used by millions of people and business throughout the entire world!

Are you searching for task management software that can simplify your job during each project? HiTask is the answer to your problem! Use this online to do list and you will realize how easy is for you to do your job in the shortest time possible!

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