Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B is caused by the Hepatitis B virus (HBV). This HBV virus affects the cells of the liver and interferes with their function. The body then triggers the immune system to fight those viruses. In this process, the liver get damaged and inflamed. This disease condition is called Hepatitis B. A Hepatitis B test can help detect the presence of Hepatitis B virus in our body, facilitating proper treatment.

Acute and Chronic Hepatitis B

Most of the people win the fight against the Hepatitis B virus. Their liver may get damaged, but gets healed and returns to normal function in a few weeks. But some of us cannot get rid of the virus. The body’s severe fight against the virus fails to eradicate the virus, but causes great damage to the liver. Such persons become chronic carries of the HBV virus. This HBV virus is 50 to 500 times more infectious than the HIV virus. The Hepatitis B test can detect both acute and chronic cases of Hepatitis B.


Some infections by the Hepatitis B virus can go asymptomatic. Generally, itching has been associated with infection by all types of Hepatitis virus. Other symptoms may include jaundice, loss of appetite, vomiting, fever and dark urine. If any of these symptoms are found to be persistent, a Hepatitis B test must be recommended. Also, this Hepatitis B has chances of turning fatal or turning in to cirrhosis or a liver cancer in more than 50 % of the chronic carriers.


The Hepatitis B test usually includes testing for either the antigen or the antibody. The antigen is the substance produce by the virus. The antibody is produced during the reaction between the HBV virus and our body. Presence of either of these confirms a Hepatitis B infection.


Vaccination against Hepatitis B has been one of the most safe and powerful vaccines of all time. The vaccine is administered to infants all over the world and it can help fight against Hepatitis B for over 20 years. There are no boosters needed for these 20 years.


Many immune systems clear a HBV infection by themselves with no additional medication. If the symptoms are very clear or if the infection is very aggressive, a small number of people require an antiviral dose. If a person has a weak auto immune system, additional medications maybe needed to control the infection. A positive Hepatitis B test result must be checked with a doctor. If it is chronic, then proper treatment is necessary.


The virus will be present in a person’s body for a certain period of time. The Hepatitis B test may be negative; but if the person has excessive alcohol intake, or drug abuse or if he contracts any other diseases like HIV AIDS or STDs, the HBV virus may be activated again. Re infection increases the chances for a liver cancer by many times.

Home tests

The Hepatitis B test can be done at home without visiting a doctor or lab. The Hepatitis B test kit can show results in 10 to minutes. If the result is positive, it can be confirmed with a lab test.


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