A little bling!

Accessories are a very important factor of a woman’s attire. They complete a woman’s dress and her style statement. There can be a very few girls who can refuse accessories. Ti Sento Jewellery accessories help you bring out your unique style statement and make you look feminine and gorgeous. These Ti Sento Jewellery are suitable for all women, teens and girls alike.


These Ti Sento Jewellery are suitable for office going ladies. The Ti Sento rings would easily pair with a set of pearl necklace and a classic black skirt. You can carry Ti Sento bracelets with a stylish tee and a pair of jeans when going for a carefree shopping or dating. You can also wear Ti Sento Jewellery with traditional attires for added glamour. The Ti Sento Jewellery can make you look fabulous and beautify you in all costumes.


General rules

There are some General rules to be followed when you choose to wear multiple accessories. You need to balance all your jewelry with your other accessories. You must count all your scarves, bags, belts and shoes as accessories with earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets. Also you should choose suitable make up that goes with your jewelry. Never try to layer your necklaces unless you are very sure. Also if you choose to wear a large jewel on your fingers or a cocktail ring, avoid bracelets and other rings. If you choose Ti Sento bracelets for your hand, wear Ti Sento rings in your other hand. If you wear grand necklaces, choose small Ti Sento earrings or studs. Also, don’t wear necklaces with long Ti Sento earrings or very dazzling earrings. Also if you are wearing your whole costume in the same color, choose a contrasting scarf or a bag to attract attention.



You can choose a heavy necklace or a bunny hair band or your bright bag as your center piece. When a person looks at you, there must be only one accessory that draws his attention. All other accessories must complement it or neutral. One or more bright accessories will clash with each other making you appear like a Christmas tree full of ornaments. If you are sporting a flattering hairdo, then you can simply go with Ti Sento earrings and no necklace. The key is to let others focus only on one accessory. The simple and stylish Ti Sento Jewellery can complement all your looks and can just be a part of you.



The stylish Ti Sento rings can be the most perfect choice for your great big and unforgettable day. Ti Sento rings are just the apt friend to company you when proposing to your loved one. The Ti Sento rings are purely made for two loving persons joining in marriage. Gracious Ti Sento rings can help you express your true feelings. You can present Ti Sento Jewellery for your beloved ones on their birthdays and anniversaries too.


Smart accessorizing

You can use Ti Sento Jewellery to cleverly conceal the areas you are not very happy about in you. For example, if you are heavy at the hips, a dazzling Ti Sento earrings or a big necklace could draw attention away from your hip. You can use your Ti Sento Jewellery to make you look flawless and gorgeous.






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