Home remedy to get rid of crickets?

Question by babygirl4us: Home remedy to get rid of crickets?
Is there any home remedies to get rid of crickets?

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Answer by ninny7560211
buy some absorbic acid and put some around ur home in spots will keep all insects out of ur home

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  • November 22, 2013 at 8:02 pm

    What would summer be without the sound of chirping crickets? When the little beasts get into your house, however, they are likely to chow down on anything from your wallpaper glue to your cashmere sweater, so keeping them outside and away from your house is the best line of defense.

    1. Modify your outdoor lighting. Instead of bright lights that attract insects, change to low-level yellow “bug” lights.

    2. Seal any cracks in your house that allow penetration from the exterior, paying close attention to areas around doors and windows and openings such as dryer vents. Place screens or other barriers over any openings that you cannot seal.

    3. Keep low-growing vegetation at least 12 inches away from the walls of your house. Crickets naturally congregate in moist, thick foliage, then find ways to migrate into the house.

    4. Purchase a cricket bait at a home and garden store. Sprinkle it around the outside of your house as directed. You can use some cricket baits indoors, but be sure to read labels carefully before applying.

    5. Use sticky traps to capture crickets without toxic chemicals. Crickets caught in this manner can be destroyed or flushed down the toilet.

    6. Vacuum up crickets you see in the house. Suck up as many as possible, then kill or discard them.

    7. Check the Internet for suggestions on types of cricket-control chemicals that you can sprinkle or spray around your home. Be sure to read all labels carefully before using.

    8. Call a pest control company if you are unable to control a cricket infestation yourself.

    If you have kids in the neighborhood who own lizards, snakes or other animals that eat crickets, consider pouring vacuumed-up crickets into a jar and passing them along to the lizard owner.

    There are several varieties of crickets in the United States. The most common (and most apt to get into your house) are the field cricket, the house cricket and the camel cricket.

    Most species of crickets require a moist environment, so lowering the humidity in your home or removing standing water, algae or mold will also help discourage crickets.

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