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Six Sigma is a management strategy meant to reduce variability in manufacturing for improved results, by understanding customers’ expectations and removing the causes of defects. Anyone can enroll for a Six Sigma training online, as this type of training will bring them greater efficiency and higher recognition.


Getting Six Sigma certification online requires discipline, so the first thing you have to do, if you want to attend Six Sigma training online is to assess your own skills and development needs. Generally, organizations offer plenty of improvement projects to their employees. However, they may not know what you want in terms of career and may not include you in a certain project.


Therefore, after identifying your development needs, search for ongoing improvement projects within your organization and choose the projects that would bring meaningful changes to your career. Then, determine the overall cost of the training and see if you can cover it. Take into account that, when it comes to your career, no project is regarded to as an additional cost, but an investment.


During a Six Sigma project, students learn about productivity issues, manufacturing mistakes, business errors, and also about the methods of solving or eradicating them. Each project has a specific target, like pollution reduction or profit growth, and benefits from an expert in that specific field.


Experts that teach business improvement strategies are known as masters. The projects carried out by them have a certain number of steps that must be achieved in their precise order, for implementing sustainable improvements within an organization. Any student participating in a Six Sigma project can become, in his turn, a master, after getting his Six Sigma certification online.


Certifications provided by Six Sigma Masters are divided into four categories: White Belt, Yellow Belt, Green Belt and Black Belt. The first two certifications offer an insight into the techniques of Six Sigma, being designed for those who want to begin their journey toward a significant professional evolution.


The last two certifications are created to help employees solve problems better and easier, and get an in-depth understanding on Six Sigma methods and strategies. Green Belt training requires less time than Black Belt and deals with topics like capability analysis, process control plan, and hypothesis testing, while Black Belt training is more extensive and deals with advanced topics and techniques.


There should be mentioned that each of these certifications has some minimum requirements that have to be met by those who opt for them. Also, it is recommended to choose a Green Belt or Black Belt certification only after completing the first level belt certification. This way, you will prepare yourself better for the extensive training that characterizes a Black Belt project, the peak in the career of those individuals who possess exceptional skills in a certain field.

Looking for Six Sigma education? Get your Six Sigma certification online by attending our professional Six Sigma training online. Six Sigma is about improving the quality of products or services, minimizing variability in manufacturing and reducing defects. If you want all this, enroll for a Six Sigma project today!

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