Caring for Your Vehicle

A research on driving showed that Colorado residents have cut their mileage by more than 11% due to the current recession despite the fact that their state is not one of the worst hit by the financial crisis. While this may be the case, driving less doesn’t eliminate the need for auto repair boulder co altogether.

Some of the typical issues that car owners face, especially with old and second hand vehicles, include problems with the air conditioning and heating, leaks, transmission, brake, alignment or electrical systems. Following a monthly maintenance program will help prevent many of these car issues later.

Oil Changes

A critical part of auto maintenance is changing the engine oil. Car owners have long been hammered with the idea that their cars need an oil change in a 3,000 mile interval. However, car manufacturers and oil change boulder experts suggest this is no longer true on newer vehicles due to modern oil and engine technologies that can prolong performance to 7,500 – 10,000 miles on regular oil.

A good way to tell if the oil in your car needs to be changed is by using an oil-life monitor, which checks the mileage as well as the speed and idling time of your vehicle to calculate the ideal time to change the oil. If your car is equipped with an oil-life monitor, it is recommended to rely on this tool instead of using a fixed mileage to avoid changing oil unnecessarily.

Some cars display information on the dashboard that counts down the percentage of the life of the engine oil. This feature varies on every car but the main thing to remember is no matter how your car alerts you that it’s time to change the oil, pay attention. If you need oil change in Boulder or Longmont, don’t delay bringing in your car to a reliable auto repair shop.

Car Maintenance Checklist

While a regular oil change is extremely important, it takes more than that to maintain a car. You also need to check/perform the following every month:

· Replace or clean and reuse the car’s air filters.
· Check fluids: automatic transmission fluid, brake fluid, power-steering fluid.
· Check the coolant.
· Check the battery.
· Check the hoses.
· Check the wiring.
· Check the tires.
· Check the belts and wipers.

Taking the time to perform these simple checks will help prevent many of the problems that lead to car breakdowns that will require serious auto repair in Boulder.

Finding a Reliable Mechanic

Whether you need routine oil change or a major tune up, you want to work with a mechanic you can trust. Always get a trustworthy opinion on a mechanic before getting their service. Check online reviews for any negative customer experiences. You will find plenty of phony positive reviews so negative reviews could be more helpful to you.

Organizations like the AAA (American Automobile Association) and the local BBB (Better Business Bureau) are also great sources of information to identify well qualified and reputable businesses whether you need car repair boulder, Boulder or anywhere else in Colorado. Often you have to do your own research. This means bringing in your car to be inspected by several auto repair shops and comparing their service to find one you can trust.

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