Save big with the latest green real estate practices

With technology moving forward at speeds which are beyond belief, research related to environmental architecture and associated technology has developed to the point where both owners of domestic as well as commercial property can begin taking the benefits of the advantages these developments have to offer them.

One of the biggest concerns emerging in the global news is the shocking manner by which consumption trends are accelerating, both in terms of economy and materials. Energy costs are soaring as more and more people increase their level of consumption.

There is now a significant amount of research which is dedicated to the development of environmentally friendly technologies which are also more energy efficient as well. This is of great importance to owners of business and / or residential properties since the incorporation of these technologies can help them save a great deal of money while reducing the adverse impact they have on the environment significantly.

One of these technologies is LED lighting. Light Emitting Diodes, or LEDs, as they are called, are the latest in lighting technology which is finding great popularity among owners of business and / or residential properties.

This is not because LEDs are available in a variety of colors but because these lights consume a fraction of the electricity as compared to incandescent lamps (light bulbs) or compact florescent lamps (CFLs) and are not only much tougher, but also remove environmental concerns like the mercury content of most CFLs.

Another technology is low water bathroom fixtures. By employing a combination of bathroom fixtures like low pressure showers, waterless urinals and sensor – drive faucets, all designed to save water, owners of business and / or residential properties can reduce the amount they spend each month on the water supply for their respective properties.

By supplementing the above with efficient rain water harvesting equipment and the instilling of water wastage preventing habits among the inhabitants of their properties, owners of business and / or residential properties can reduce the level of requirement they would have from their water supply thanks to efficient harnessing of a freely available natural resource.

Speaking of natural resources, owners of business and / or residential properties have often ignored the addition of solar energy harvesting equipment for their properties, thinking them to be too expensive and inefficient, making it a bad choice when it comes to choosing the most cost – effective power source. However, as technologies develop, solar energy harnessing equipment is becoming more cost – efficient with each day.

With the efficient adoption of these technologies as well as the implementation of eco – friendly habits as a start, owners of business and / or residential properties can expect a serious dip in the amount of money they spend on their property’s development.

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