Technological advancement

The world has witnessed a great deal of technological advancement, specifically in the field of information and technology (IT). Particularly, the IT sector has witnessed the advent of computers which use the in-and-out electron movements into transistors. This is what has come to be known as the photonic computing; a technological phenomenon which uses light particles (photons). These are produced by in the place of the electrons by the lacers.

The Advantages of Using the optical (photonic) communications in future chip multiprocessors (CMP)

There are many merits (than demerits) which emanate from the use of the optical (photonic) communication in the CMP. First and foremost, the use of the photonic communications is bound to guarantee much faster connectivity and transactions, compared to the electrons. This is due to the fact that light has the ability to travel approximately 30 centimeters within a nanosecond (Forestieri, 2005).

At the same time, the transmission of the photons, compared to the electrons, is bound to convey larger amounts of data and in (an almost) instantaneous manner. This is because the photons have the highest bandwidth.

Advantages to using optical communications

The optical communications is obtained through the use non-linear reflective indexing materials. The importance of optical components communications is based on the fact that its optical transistors effects are able to be dispensed in the creation of logical gates which are to be subsequently assembled into higher levels of the computer’s CPU components.

The above use of the optical communications remains beneficial, since optical communications components use silicon photonics, leading to very minimal consumption of power.

This allows the deliverance of the performance-per-watt; a feat which remains unattainable as far as the use of all the electronic interconnects goes (Guo, 2002).

The two inherent limitations of photonic networks that electronic computing can solve in relation to the size or scale of the components being discussed

The advantage electronic computing has over the photonic networks is that it its use enables a smaller band of photon frequencies to represent more bits in binary number systems. Herein, electronic computers specifically use about 128 bit-position logic. The magnanimity of this is seen in the fact that on its own, 123 billion bit positions are contained by a single visible spectrum (Shacham, Bergman and Carloni, 2007).

Another advantage associated with electronic computers is that it allows the transfer of data over long distance at greater rates. This is due to the fact that electrical lines remain adequately larger. Optical computer communications on the other hand support lower amounts.

Characteristic of a mesh network is important to the experiment

Since a mesh network requires the employment of two or more connections, it remains quite clear that the experiment is likely to seek to ascertain the best form of mesh network: whether full mesh or partial mesh typology. To this effect, it is highly possible that direct connectivity of nodes to each other or the selective connectivity of only some nodes is to characterize this experiment.

The pros and cons of employing this emergency communications design within an area of the U.S. prone to natural disasters

As divulged upon by Takahashi and others (2007), the importance of this experiment is that it will antecede the discernment of the best broadband access systems which are to be deployed as a way of attenuating the digital divide the culmination of this above research is the provision of the medical care even right within the vicinity of the remotest of areas such as the Old Yamakoshi Village.

Conversely, the negativity to be realized from this undertaking is that large cascading buildings are bound to obstruct radio signals from the targeted party due to their large shadows. This is as far as far as the urban center is concerned. As touching on the rural setting, trees, hills and suchlike features are likely to causer the obstruction.


These above accruals will be stemming from the precedence set in by network expansions and the planting of self-healing architecture. This will greatly reduce the cost of operation and implementation as the facilitation of mobile networks is made a reality.


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