Keeping up with the trends in external & internal wall cladding

Cladding does not only protect your home from the negative aspects, it can also be a great tool for making your house look stylish: interesting, unique, or even beautiful facades can really add a plus of value to your home, while at the same time ensuring protection. The house cladding products are virtually endless; however, I would like to further discuss in this article some of the main trends so that you will never go out of fashion with your home cladding.

Something that never goes out of fashion is combining the materials used in your cladding. To summarize, this means that you can join two or more materials in order to have that unique look that everyone loves and envies. If you chose to combine materials, the result can be nothing short of spectacular; it can open up new areas of your house, it can put the light in a different light, as well as defining them. Your home will be teeming with visual interest.

Another house cladding product that is simply flying of the shelves is the same material that is available in different colors. As an example, you could use a brown material for your exterior wall cladding, while on the inside you can have a lighter shade of brown so that you should not fall in to the same dull color. An alternative would be to combine colors in such a way that is pleasant for the eye. However, if you are more extreme in your choice of colors, why not do it so in such a way that the contrast is very obvious? You could go for a light grey and dark purple, for example. This particular color trend goes well with most materials.

Remember the old castle walls that were cladded with stone? Well, nothing beats the timelessness of the natural rock. Whether it is beauty, sophistication, and even visual appeal, stone has it all, and more important, it’s back on the trending list. You are in for a big surprise if you plan to clad your house with stone, as it can really boost your house in ways never seen before. You can use dark stones for your exterior, and then add some lovely flowers in your front yard. However, if you think flowers need too much caring, you can always paint the doors in a color that really stands out from the dark stone. Especially if you’re looking to sell it, having stone cladding can add some extra value to your home, as well as making it more appealing to your potential buyers.

And so, if you are interested in giving your house a makeover, make sure you check out cladding. If you really want to take it to the next level, then you can always opt for stone cladding.

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