Outdoor advertising – Why it works

To give a rough definition, outdoor advertising is any type of advertising that the consumer notices while he is outside his house. Unlike television or internet, where you click on the commercials or they pop out to you, with outdoor advertising billboards is a different story. You simply seem to “bump into” them. That being said, outdoor advertising is working hard to be notices while you are traveling in and around the city, waiting in a line or at the doctor, as well as specific commercial retailers, such as a mall or shopping center.

And so, to try and answer the question asked in the title of my article, outdoor media functions tremendously well. By comparing the first quarter of 2012 ($1.4 billion) to the first quarter of 2013 ($1.5 billion), it is clear that outdoor media is still an extremely profitable business in the United States.

If the numbers continue to rise, in a matter of few years, outdoor advertising will most definitely surpass the media advertising business on the internet and television. For example, the outdoor advertising Sydney has to offer increased its revenue as much as 2.2%. Also, this type of advertising is also particularly useful when hosting a big event, such as the Olympics. When a city hosts the Olympics, then its authorities are expected to work twice as much to keep the crowds accommodated as well as integrate them in the local community. This opportunity of exposing your company or product or service to such a large crowd has not been missed by advertisers who are willing to pay the top dollar for a place in the spotlight.

Following this line of thinking, airport advertising is again a fast way of getting your message heard across nations and cultures. Especially if you are in a big airport that hosts millions of people every day, having a good placement for your add can dramatically increase your revenue income.

But what makes outdoor advertising so effective? In a simple word, technological development. Nowadays, billboards are no longer simple giant stickers. In a sense, they still are, but the material is now replaced with LED technologies, thereby allowing billboard owners to display multiple advertisements. As a consequence, the competition between advertisers has increased dramatically. With a conventional billboard, you would rent the space for days, weeks, and even months in a row. Nowadays, you pay the billboard owner to show your banner every few minutes, seconds, or a number of times in an hour.

To conclude is outdoor advertising still working? Yes, it does. In fact, I would go as far as to say that it is on the verge of booming. As more and more people develop certain immunity to television and internet advertising, outdoor media can and will prove itself as the alternative in advertising.

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