Visit an EMDR Therapist Denver to Overcome Trauma

Have you been suffering from low self-esteem, sleepless nights and loss of appetite for a prolonged duration? If yes, then maybe you are struggling with depression and need professional help. When suffering from a mood disorder, most people consult their family doctor, but many end up taking inappropriate medications with severe and unpleasant side-effects. Since family doctors are general practitioners, a strong recommendation would be to visit an EMDR therapist Denver who is specialized in the field and has more specific resources to help deal with the situation.

With the passage of time, mankind has formulated a variety of therapies for the treatment of mental and psychological disorders. While all of them have their respective pros and cons, one that has been found to be particularly effective against a mood disorder is known as EMDR, an acronym for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. Credit for having formulated this therapy goes to Dr. Francine Shapiro when in 1987 she discovered through various tests that eye movements had the power to overcome past trauma. A specialist who is trained in application of this technique is known as EMDR therapist Denver.


As human beings, trauma is an inevitable part of our lives and there is hardly an individual who may not have had a traumatic experience. Trauma could be mental, emotional or physical and while the third type is accompanied by the first two as well, the same cannot be said about the first two types. If ignored or left to aggravate by itself, trauma often manifests itself in form of a mood disorder and leads to behavioral problems later on in life. In such a situation, a trip to EMDR therapist Denver helps because such a person is trained to identify the cause of the agony and helps the client also to pinpoint and describe his/hers exact feelings.


It has been discovered that when a human being experiences trauma, the experience is embedded into our subconscious and breaks the surface every time a similar situation arises. Inherently, the effort is on to find a suitable resolution and at times the individual might also slip into denial mode, meaning trying to pretend that the incident never happened. Due to these pent-up feelings, the individual experiences enhanced negativity and this is exactly what the EMDR therapist Denver is equipped to handle. By channeling the desire for revenge into deep concentration, something that has the potential of transforming into a mood disorder is nipped in the bud.


When you visit a professional EMDR therapist Denver, he or she would first hold an introductory session with you and then discuss the process of treatment. Therapy could take the form of any of the three approaches namely visual, auditory and pulsing/tapping but in all three the basic movement is bilateral. During the session, the client is asked to move his eyes bought sides or wear headphones that play music from one ear to the other ear or use handheld pulsing devices that maintain an alternative pulse. All through the therapist and the patient go through the incident and a mood disorder is averted from happening in this manner.


There could be many reasons for people to experience trauma like carrying horrific memories of a war for a soldier, bitter childhood experiences for a teenager, loss of family in a natural calamity, car accident and so on. Such individuals are particularly susceptible of developing a mood disorder and this is where EMDR comes to the rescue. From his vantage point, an EMDR therapist Denver can help victims of substance abuse too and can not only prevent them from falling into an addictive cycle but get them out of one too. Reliving the trauma is one way of overcoming it and this is what EMDR aims at.

There could be many reasons that lead to development of a mood disorder amongst people of various age groups and often the outcome is disastrous with lifelong implications. By visiting a professional EMDR therapist Denver such a situation can not only be averted but also the trauma overcome for good.

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