Tickling the Taste Buds with Some Extra Mature Tang

Tickler extra mature cheddar is not only restricted to being a British tongue twister but has gained huge popularity across England. Now only this – the taste has made its way over the Atlantic and has been gaining quite a success in American territories too. The tangy and sweet flavor should be a real surprise for first time eaters. The flagship product had also won the first place in 2008 Excellence in Food and Drink Awards hosted by Caterer and Hotelkeeper magazine and is being viewed as the ‘new wine’.

There is so much to praise about the tickler extra mature cheddar. It comes in a rich texture, addictive flavor, a distinguishing packaging and there is something classy about the name too. Full bodied and tasty, Tickler is great even for everyday indulgence and certainly the best thing that cheese lovers with a unique appeal for taste could ask for. This product has a profile that goes beyond the normal extra mature cheddars currently available in the market.

The main unit of tickler extra mature cheddar hails from the Taw Valley in the Devon Countryside where it is ripened in special caves for around 18 months. Being available in a loaf shape, it is perfect for serving in restaurants and all forms of catering. Apart from the Food and Drink Award, it had also claimed the best product award in the Grocer Branded Excellence Award for Cheese. Further, the brand was also honored by the Royal Welsh show as the supreme champion in 2008 summers. So much so, the Tickler extra mature cheddar is hailed as the new aphrodisiac.

Be it the Valentine Day celebrations or the Christmas festivity or you are just in the mood for something special, when it comes to servings in the dining table, the Tickler extra mature cheddar will be the best way to sway into the mood of luxury and love! The taste gives a tough competition to the traditional Danish blue cheese. Being infused with chocolate coated cherries from Belgium, the crunchy and sweet tang is a first time for most aficionados.  However both of these varieties could be enjoyed in combination wherein the traditional Danish blue cheese will impart the balance of sourness to the titillating taste buds. A mouth watering combination, this is a sure success if you are up for hosting the next wine and cheese party at your place.

The Tickler and traditional Danish blue cheese will go exceptionally well with all forms of delicacies – both veggies and fruits. This extra mature mold has been a revelation all through and more and more families are adopting it for their regular intake. The taste even appeals to kids and most prefer the melted ones with dip sticks. The Tickler extra mature cheddar goes well with snacks, fruits, meat, herbs, drinks and even biscuits. Keep on experimenting and every time there will be a new taste pleasing your tongue.

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