Blessed are the Cheese Makers Who Created the Jersey Blue

Even a few years ago, the cheese making industry in Britain seemed monotonous and the industry went into a parlous state. Dreary factory blocks that made into restaurants and homes of the English were thought to be the last of its kind in innovation. We have had exceptions in the past with the savory Cheshire and the creamy double Gloucester. However, these were tough for the average man to access regularly and were restricted to the high flung parties and once in a year dining meet. Then arrived the Jersey Blue Cheese and things changed! The soft and well suited flavor made aristocracy easier and everyone had a reason to feel special and indulge in extravagance.

Jersey Blue Cheese is currently available in various formats – more so because of the rising demand among regular takers. The soft but firm style and a hint of sourness is also believed to be perfectly healthy and a better alternative to the creamy derivatives. In the recent years, even bloomy rinds have been incorporating blue mold much in the lines of Jersey Blue Cheese and this brings forth a milder taste. The rinds this way can come in a lot of variations, some waxed, some deep and some even rind less.

At the heart of the Jersey Blue Cheese is a bacteria referred to as the Penicillin Roqueforti that grows naturally when provided with the right humidity, temperature and moisture levels. In earlier days, the blue mold was an accident as a result of storing in caves but currently the demand has invited manufacturers to inject the blue mold externally and curing the product till the venation occurs. The Jersey Blue Cheese is quite unique in the ripening process and it is ensured that the bacteria pour into the core of the mold. A bit salty and tingy, this seems to be a balanced flavor for those looking for a less calorie oriented diet. The Jersey Blue Cheese is currently the most exciting variety of products in markets. It is sometimes even applied to pineapple flavored to help experiment and bring out something new.

The very nature of Jersey Blue Cheese invites it to be added with some sweet compliment like the pineapple flavored cheese such that the taste buds keep on appreciating the charm. A good blue variety in risotto or minced over a rocket salad should be a classic combination that can be derived at everyday serving.

In some homes, there is no alternative to cheese and it forms the single most important part of their regular diet. Some experts even suggest that intake can actually be thoroughly beneficial to health. The fats and proteins are related to the plant nutrients that make up the dairy diet of animals and have little side effects if taken in considering quantities. In fact cheese is better than the fast food that we tend to gorge on regularly. Why compromise when we have the options like pineapple flavored cheese and the delicious blues?

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