Planning the Perfect Gourmet with Wine and Cheese

When planning wine and cheese pairing, it is important to note that though the duo has been matched for centuries, not every wine will go well with random selections. One wouldn’t perhaps go with a match like Limburger and Pinot Gris or fresh tickler cheddar and Cabernet Sauvignon. There are some standard and creative takes on wine and cheese pairing and once you know the basics, you are up for hosting the most exciting cheese and wine tasting events. The standards also don’t mean that every pairing needs to be the same boring that you encountered in a previous experience. A little knowledge about the constituents and taste will let you get daring at matching the two and there are chances that you come up with something exceptional and first of its kind.

Hasting a cheese and wine tasting event require you to first decide upon the type of tasting you are willing to host. There are several technical versions of the pairings, namely horizontal, vertical, price point and beyond. As an example, vertical pairing is surveying a series of wines and cheeses based on nifty experiences and vintage matches and placing the reliable platters on the table. In the same way, horizontal wine and cheese pairing requires tasting produces from a single year but from multiple producers.

Checking upon the guest list is equally important. If most of them are your friends and family members, you may already know the pairings that most would be comfortable with and dare at. You may even put the servings on the invitation card!

Classic pairings and twists

If you are looking forward to a wine and cheese pairing that has been appreciated over the years and continues to glorify parties, the work is easier done. You know that nothing can go wrong when you have the creaminess of Tickler cheddar and the scouring bubbles of Chenin Blanc.

On the other hand if you are looking to experiment and allow a degree of twist to the tale, you may as well try out a pairing constituting German Cambozola and a sparkling glass of Shiraz. To make things a bit challenging and unpredictable, you may even opt for a “blind tasting” experience. Just don’t place the name card besides the slices and sparkling glasses. If guests like it, they would themselves enquire upon the constituents!

Here is an important checklist to go by when trying out wine and cheese pairing:

  • Minimum four – five wine varieties
  • Bread loaves
  • Appetizers
  • Water pitchers
  • Dump buckets
  • Tasting cards
  • Brown bags or aluminum foils for blind tasting
  • Paper and pen
  • And a lot of humor!

Nothing can really go wrong in wine and cheese pairing parties. You have the brilliant tickler cheddars, extra creamy, Mozzarella, Danish Blue and other dips as alternatives. This could be available at a fair price when brought in bulk and in fact the whole party expense wouldn’t be as much to discourage you!

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