The process of Conveyancing and the Quotes for It

Conveyancing is a process wherein the transfer of the ownership of a property takes place from one person to another. Since it entails legal work it is always wise to choose a conveyance lawyer to do the job. Moreover, in case of a mortgage the lender will insist on having a professional conveyance lawyer to handle the legal hassles.

After you have decided on having a conveyance lawyer deal with all the legal hassles, it is time to find out about the conveyancing quotes. When you take a look at the quotes for the first time, it might seem confusing because they will appear slightly different. If you think that there is no mention of the standard fees, then call up the law firm or the conveyance lawyer to find out about the missing quote. Any reputable law firm or conveyancer will definitely clear your doubts. The conveyancing quote should include the following points:

  • Vat and legal fees
  • Tax return form and filling in the stamp duty
  • Telegraphic transfer of money
  • In case of a mortgage, the conveyance lawyer will charge an extra fee for representing the mortgage lender. That fee should be mentioned

Some third party disbursements should also be included in the quotes. These might include:

  • Bankruptcy searches
  • Identity checks
  • Land registry charge
  • Chancel insurance
  • Check on the property’s location and environment to find out what additional charges might apply like search for local authority, drainage and sometimes coal search.

It is important to check the small print of the conveyance quotes to find out whether there is any hidden charge.

Now the process of conveyancing will commence for the transfer of the title of the property. Contact details of the conveyance lawyers are exchanged before work begins. Following this you will receive papers from your conveyance lawyer to sign and return to him/her. The next step is to have 2 ID certified which your lawyer will inform you. Now before your lawyer can submit the findings from the searches, you will need to clear the payment which is roughly £260 In-Deed. The lawyer will inform you about the searches conducted by him.

Your lawyer will send enquiries to the lawyer of the seller clearing which will proceed to formalizing the mortgage if there is any. After this is done you must sign the contract and send funds to your conveyance lawyer. After the funds have been paid the contracts will be exchanged. Your lawyer must have sent the amount to the seller by this time confirming which the keys for your property will be released. During your shift to the property you lawyer will submit the tax return and stamp duty and register you as the new owner of the house. The entire process takes around 2-3 months.

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