Map of USA to Tour the Weirdest Areas

USA is home to tourist attraction from different parts of the world. Map of USA can help you plan your tour in US in such a way that you do not miss any of the attractions such as the adventurous land of Alaska, panoramic hills of San Francisco, Boston’s historical tours, New York City, museums of Washington D.C. and Hawaiian beaches. If you are planning to visit some of the weirdest destinations in US, here is the list of three attractions that you cannot afford to miss.

The Extra Terrestrial Highway:

It is just a one hour drive from the Las Vegas. The lonely road passes thorough the “Area 51” and appears to be a stretch from nowhere. This area is known to be popular for several alien visits to Earth. While you are driving on the highway, you will feel like you are about to smash on the hills, but strange enough that will never happen. It is nothing but illusion that one experiences in the desert during the hot summer days. You get a huge metal mailbox, in which you can leave behind message for the aliens. This adventurous drive along with delicious meal at the elegant ‘Little A-Le-Inn’ will certainly make your day. You can enjoy the breathtaking views of the stars while on the driveway.

The Top Secret Upside-Down White House:

The magnificent and giant White House in Wisconsin Dells is known to be the biggest white house in the US, which can be quite an amusing tour. The floor aims at the sky and the weirdest structure sits on the roof. You can come across several strange “artifacts” as you walk through the dirt ceilings of the house. The artifacts are well preserved and are considered great archeological dig. You can find plenty of other interesting built in this house that your kids will certainly love to watch.

The Rock City:

The Rock City located in the Mountain in Georgia is a highly structured and fine looking garden established by the Frieda Carter, who is the celebrated wife of miniature golf inventor Garnet Carter. The wacky trail in the garden area is lined with eerie statues, bizarre characters from the fairy tales and uncanny gnomes. While driving along the trails leading to huge rock outcroppings, you will get weird illusions that add to the adventure and are certainly worth exploring.

Map_of_USA_261120131716The travel packages to USA generally hold on to the mainstream tourist spots such as Niagara Falls, National Park and White House. However, if you want to enjoy some of the offbeat areas of USA, you cannot afford to miss these weird hotspots. Map of USA c and can be your fried, philosopher and guide while you are touring around this new place. It is certainly one of the best ways to explore the history and rich cultural tradition of the region. It is going to be an experience that you as well as your family members will certainly love.

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