Weighing up BMW 3 Series Cars For Sale Against Chevrolet Impala cars


The new generation of BMW 3-series cars for sale made its appearance on the market in the spring of 2005. It changed the world by introducing the seemingly ever-popular E46 platform. Standing in the opposite corner, Chevrolet Impala cars for sale are full-size cars which represent the pride and joy of the Chevrolet company—a division of General Motors. In late 1950s, the leading engineer Ed Cole presented this model as a “prestige car and much more, that will be available to every citizen of America.” But what representative of these two classic car producers is better, and which is better for you and for your family? Keep reading to find out for yourself.


Concerning the latest model, the folks over at BMW decided not to go with a radical change of style, but instead opted for limited evolutionary changes, leading to the rise of the newest model of BMW 3 Series cars for sale. In the heart of the machine lies the extended platform of the 1st -Series. This is the fifth generation of the platform, which is held under the code name E90, and it has markedly increased in size (measuring 4520x1813x1424 mm). The wheelbase is increased to 2760m. One remarkable fact worth noting here is that in spite of the fact that the new BMW 3 Series cars for sale are larger than their predecessors in all respects, they are easier to use thanks to the design which makes use of lighter, but no less durable materials—mainly aluminum and magnesium.


The design of BMW 3 Series cars for sale combines elements of new models while keeping to the classic proportions of their predecessors. The car’s sporty exterior is added to by the short front overhang of only 755 mm. In addition, it’s worth noting that the newest models have large mirrors and that versions 325i and 330i have a chrome grille. Beauty is hard to miss when checking out the the new style, typical for the latest-model BMW.


You can bet your bottom dollar you’ll have a comfortable ride thanks to the comfortable suspension (front McPherson aluminum , rear multi-link), coupled with an excellent chassis. The basic version of this model does not have a leather interior, in contrast to the more expensive counterparts in the lineup. Standard equipment includes brake assist, electronic differential lock, Dynamic Stability DSG, the system brake-assist system, climate control (optional 4 -zone with a separate control for the rear passengers), six airbags and much more.


In 2000 Chevrolet produced an updated version of Chevrolet Impala cars for sale. In contrast to the first production models the newest Chevrolet Impala cars for sale have much more than just front-wheel drive. For the newest model the manufacturer offered two engine options: V6 LA1 of 3.4 liters, 180 horsepower (offered as standard) and the V6 L36 of 3.8 liters and 200 horsepower. Chevrolet Impala cars for sale have gone through many modifications and now represent a live classic. Which do you like better, from these two different but very awesome types of cars? Check out a lot of pictures, take them both out for a test drive and see how they measure in person.

If you don’t do your proper research—practical and theoretical both—it’s basically impossible to choose between BMW 3 Series cars for sale and Chevrolet Impala cars for sale, so find out as much as you can about them both and don’t forget about the test drive.

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