How a Website Design Firm Can Help You Make a Good First Impression

In today’s technological world, few things are as important to the success of your business as your company website. This collection of code is the face that greets every potential customer and it must be able to nail the first impression.    There are thousands of websites out there all vying for attention and with so many to traverse through, the slightest turnoff is bound to send your potential customer clicking in the other direction.  This is not a cost to be skimped on – a lesson many small business owners have had to learn the hard way.   The following paragraphs expose some of the biggest mistakes out there on the web and how a good website design firm can help you to avoid them.

WebsiteDesignFirm_271120130858DIY sites: Make no mistake – your product will be judged by the quality of your website.  If the home page invokes thoughts of some amateur do-it-yourselfer in his pajamas this is how your business will be perceived.  As the first line of contact in the market, your website must be sharp and clean cut, with a bright pearly smile.  The professional coders at a website design firm can bring the polish and pizzazz that you are looking for to woo potential customers.

Cumbersome navigation: From the home page to the call to action, the navigation process on your webpage should be seamless.  However, it’s not an exact science.  The gut feelings that are required to build an intuitive and cohesive customer navigation system take years of experience to cultivate and are best left in the hands of an established website design firm.  Common newbie mistakes include redundant hyperlinks (like linking the homepage to the homepage), leaving dead links hovering around and run-on hyperlinks.

Poor readability: If you’ve ever had the misfortune of trying to read a webpage with red writing on yellow background you probably already appreciate the gravity of this esthetic oversight.  In their efforts to make a website pop and stand out, amateur developers often lose sight of the holy grail of website design – the ease of user experience.  All fonts should be clear and easy to read and the color scheme should be strategically designed to relax the eye muscles and provide a comfortable reading experience.  You can be sure that website design firm has tested out many font/color designs and has a stockpile of the best combinations out there.

Testing: Even the most visually appealing website is an utter failure if it fails the test drive.  Remember that customers will be accessing your webpage from a gazillion different applications, devices, and physical locations and each scenario must be anticipated and accommodated.  The development process at a good website design firm will include checklists to cover off these types of situations.  Proper testing can take up a significant portion of the process and requires knowing exactly what to test for and how to do it.

Although it can be tempting to save a few bucks by higher a cheap website design firm or taking the DIY route – fight the urge to be a penny pincher and make this one investment in your business.  Remember, if customers can’t find what they want in 3 clicks they will leave as fast as they arrived.

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