Why Opt for Dog Treats Made in USA

To make the most of the dog treats, you must do the training sessions in between the meals. This keeps him more motivated, as he is not full. You must not give treats to your dog when he is excited. You must allow him to smell first and then wait. This will let him know that he won’t get the treats, until he behaves in a certain way. Offering treats to dogs to bring out the expected behavior from them is a sort of bribery. However, it can yield results when done properly. Following the right guidelines while offering treats to your dogs will certainly yield beneficial results. Here we shall explore why you should buy dog treats made in USA.

Dog_Treats_Made_in_USA_271120131459As a dog parent you will certainly want to ensure that your dog gets tasty and healthy treats. Chicken jerky is one of the most common treats for dogs. However, chicken jerky was strongly criticized when many dogs felt sick and died as a result of these products. The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued cautionary warning for buying these products, especially those which were manufactured in China. This shows there is no threat in giving chicken jerky treats all together. All you need to do is, choose dog treats made in USA.

Now a logical question that arises is what differentiates the chicken jerky made in USA from the rest? Well, the answers lies in the fact that chicken jerky made in USA passes through strict standards and regulations.  The recalled products are manufactured from China. These recalled products caused different conditions among the dogs. Some of the negative health effects include vomiting, decreased activity, reduced appetite, increased urination etc. You must visit a veterinarian immediately you notice any of these symptoms.

Because of the strict regulations and standards in USA, you can be assured of the fact that dog treats manufactured in US are made of the best quality ingredients, which your canine friend can safely consume. These treats are generally gluten free that protects your dog from possibilities of allergic reactions. Gluten is a form of protein that is available in wheat and grains that dogs are allergic to.

You can also add certain fruits and veggies as healthy treats. However, you must be careful, as not all fruits and vegetables are safe for consumption. Some of the fruits or veggies that you must avoid are green beans, spinach, apples, cantaloupe, and watermelons. You must remove seeds from the fruits like apple as they contain cyanide, which can be harmful if consumed.

Additionally you must also adjust the diet of your canine friend to ensure he/she does not become overweight. You will surely not want him to consume more calories than he needs. If your four legged companion is suffering from health problems, then you are not taking proper care of your dog, which ultimately defeats the purpose of giving treats.

Boulder Dog Food Company provides healthy and tasty dog treats made in USA, to ensure good health of your canine friend. To know about low calorie dog treats, you may also visit About.com.

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