Obligations are meant to be shared just like property in a community regime

Most of the times when people hire a divorce attorney their foremost concern is regarding the property. This is completely understandable especially in the state of Louisiana since it uses the community property regime. Simply stated it means that all the property acquired during the marriage is split equally between the partners in case of dissolution of the marriage. There are also several situations when one of the partners can prove that the property has been acquired before the marriage.

One equally weighty discussion with a Slidell divorce attorney can help you to understand all the community obligations. Such an obligation can have different meanings which you might understand as a different name. For an instance a contract for paying the money for a vehicle is a sort of obligation. Article 2360 of the Louisiana civil code articles is the one dealing with community obligations a Mandeville divorce attorney can explain it to you. This article mentions that an obligation meant for the common interest of both the partners or for the interest of one of the spouse will be counted as a “community obligation.”

Article 2360 provides an Abita Spring Divorce Attorney with certain generalizations meant for these community obligations. Firstly, it can be noted that these obligations could be for either of the spouses. Secondly, an obligation made for the benefit of both the spouses will be shared as it is for their common interest.

On the other hand, there are the separate obligations. Much like individual property, such obligations are the responsibility of only the spouse who incurs once the Slidell divorce attorney has helped in ending the marriage. Let us take two examples. Assume that Sam has a boat which he bought in 2009. In the year 20010 he married Mary. Now the boat can be considered to be an individual property. Also assume that the boat never functioned properly, he never used it, now it needs a considerable amount of restoration work to be done to function properly. For the work he took a loan for $4000 from the bank. Before paying back the loan he hires a Mandeville divorce attorney to end his marriage. In the given situation, Sam had a separate property during his marriage to Mary and he incurred an obligation directly for the separate property. It was not meant for Mary hence it could be said that it was not for the common interest of the spouses.

One equally weighty discussion with a Slidell divorce attorney can help you to understand all the community obligations.

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