How To Stage Your House For Sale To Potential Buyers?

Are you selling a home? To present your home to potential buyers is a great job in itself. It would not be wrong to say that first impressions are lasting.  To make a lasting impression on your buyers, here are some handy tips how to stage you house for sale –

  • The main door greets the potential buyer. Make sure it has neat and clean surroundings. Keep away the material that is of no use.


  • Open curtains and drapes and let the sunshine come in. Dark areas do not grab the attention of the buyer.


  • Well ordered closets show the actual space of your houses. An unordered closet gives very untidy look and gives buyer an idea that your house is not properly maintained.


  • Fix the leaky roof, loose knobs, broken door handle beforehand. These small repairs can bring in a big difference. These minor faults would not be hidden from the eyes of the potential buyer.


  • Paint your house to give new and refreshed look. A buyer will be satisfied to buy a house that looks young. Painting can hide the cracks, bumpiness and unevenness in walls. Do not forget to fill the holes with sand and cement before painting.


  • Deodorize your house before active buyers come to see it.  If you have indoor chimney or furnace in your house, make sure it does not pollute the house.  Keep those pet beds and boxes out of your house.


  • Pets might irritate some people and frighten others. It better to keep your pets away preferably outside. It is good practice to keep the carpets clean by sprinkling pet deodorizer daily.


  • Buyers will not be delighted to buy a house that is full of bugs and termites. If there is any, get rid of them.


  • Check the bathtubs. Those snoopy home buyers are going to look behind the shower curtains and inside the drawers.  They might also check the shower and taps. Make sure everything is perfect.
  • Remove unnecessary things. Any mess will not give the buyer idea about your home’s space. Try to organize your things in an orderly manner. Throw away the things that are of no use to you.


  • Deep clean your house. Either you can do it yourself or get the help of a maid. Every corner of your house should be cleaned properly.


  • Make sure that your kitchen looks good.  Kitchen is the heart of a house. A neat and clean kitchen can only liven up the house.

To get the good price of your property, it is important to make improvements and some additions before staging it to potential buyers.

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