Chevrolet: The Classic American Car

When you think of Chevrolet, what do you think of? The classic body style and flair of the ‘55 Bel Air, ‘63 Sting Ray, and ‘64 Impala? The speed and performance of the Corvette and Camaro? The raw power and muscle of every Tahoe and pickup? Or do you just think of the quintessential American car?

Whatever the Chevy brings to mind, it’s difficult to deny the impact of a car company that has been a mainstay in the American driveway, from coast to coast, for over a century. The cars are perfectly timeless, the passion endless, and the symbol of the Chevy is unmistakable.

The Humble Beginnings

In 1911, the chevrolet had its beginnings in the mind of an automotive engineer and racecar driver, Louis Chevrolet. Soon after, a prototype Series C Classic Six rolled out of the factory, onto the streets of Detroit, and made an indelible mark on the automotive world. With the sleek low running boards and polished metal came the innovative electric starter and pure strength and high-end performance hardly seen in that day.

Making an affordable car with luxury style and new technology new car eureka has made Chevy an indomitable force in the automotive world and one of the top-selling cars in the history of the industry. Right out of the gate the American public knew that the company, although young, was something special.

The Making of Classics

Chevrolet innovated quickly and effectively, creating cars and trucks that were commanding in their muscle, fashionable in their design, and superior in their performance. In 1955, Chevrolet again made the elite affordable with the small-block V8. The abilities of the V8 engine were introduced to the world during the Pikes Peak Hill Climb where the engine not only powered the car to victory, but also once again proved that Chevrolet was the American automobile for the post-war era.

The American legend didn’t stop there. Throughout the latter half of the 20th century, Chevrolet has continued to push the limits on what an automobile can do, and what an automobile can mean. With the Vortec engine, Chevy put new life into their line of trucks and the Volt shocked drivers with its efficient, long lasting hybrid technology.

Giving Back to America

Chevrolet is the embodiment of the American builders, innovators, and people. Chevrolet is all of those things and a whole lot more. As a company, it has provided hundreds of thousands of Americans with employment and is intensely committed buick dealer eureka to giving back as much as it has been given. With new has supported charities and initiatives as diverse as preserving our natural environment through the Nature Conservancy, developing the scientists and engineers of tomorrow through the SAE Foundation, and ensuring your family is safe through continued support for MADD and Safe Kids Buckle Up.

The reason they do this is because you’ve been with them for a century and they want to give back to you throughout the next. Visit your local car dealership eureka today for selections on new and used car eureka and trucks; support an American legacy.

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