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Would you think that your business would run smoothly if you had a shared task list that all the team members can see? As a business owner, you will want everything to be in place, the communication among team members to be accurate and responsibilities to be correctly understood. Choose hiTask, an online todo list and you will have all the above and much more! Continue reading in order to understand what we can offer you and your business!

What exactly hiTask proposes? So that all the members of your team to be more efficient, each of them needs to know exactly what they are supposed to do. And this is where hiTask can help you as it is an online todo list. Now, you won’t have to stress about the miscommunication that can appear during a project, when nobody knows exactly what their responsibilities are, who works on which task and when the deadlines are due.

With this task list, you will be able to create tasks, assign them to the members of the team you want and communicate with them whenever needed. You will have all the features on one screen, so that you don’t misplace any of the information. This online todo list will definitely improve the communication among the members working on the same project. You will have a shared calendar where anybody can see when the next appointment is supposed to happen or any such important information.

In order for the members to know what they have to do, the management will easily be able to delegate tasks without any of the stressful meetings really happening. You will sit at your computer and you will receive the task chosen for you with the necessary comments. In order for a better organization of the projects, the drag-and-drop will be used to assign tasks. Thus, everybody will know exactly their job.

Moreover, the task list offers you the possibility to track the progress you made on the task until a certain point. You need to enable time tracking and set the time estimated for completing the task to 10. In order to see the progress you made, you will have to enter the time spent while working on this particular task. It will be so easy to keep track and you will always know how much you have to work next to finish the task.

Recently, we have worked on new options for the notification preferences. If until now you checked the box to receive notifications or you didn’t, now we put at your disposal the possibility to choose which notifications you will get in the future. It is up to you and this is why you can have now a personalized notification plan on your liking. However, this feature is just one of the many we have to offer so why don’t you take a look on our website for more information and news?

An online todo list that can help you during each project you have- sounds great, right? Then you must choose hiTask in order to be able to create a task list for the project to run smoothly from the beginning till the end!

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