Know Why Your Home Is Not Being Sold?

efforts, planning and preparation. Do you know why your home lingers for weeks and months on the market while others are snapped up quickly? Here comes the answer. Knowing the reasons why your home is taking longer time on the market can help you to avoid the shortcomings.

  1. Too much pricing – A home is likely to get more attention from the active buyers in the first few weeks of the sale. Setting too much price of your house will eventually result in losing the customers. Set a realistic price and check out the close competitors in the area in recent sale. Remember, longer a property stands in the market, more difficult will it be to sell. People will start questioning if something is wrong with it.


  1. Poor photos – More buyers get involved to properties online. Good Videos and pictures are the things that matter. When you take photographs of your home, make sure your home is deep cleaned from outside and inside. Keep in the mind the staging tips that will make your home look brighter and lively. Hire a professional photographer to click the pictures for you.


  1. Real estate listings – Apart from real estate listings, you should make efforts to market it on social media. Promotion or real estate agents are the two methods that can help you to drive more buyers to your property. Properties that are not fully exposed to the potential buyers usually sits longer in the market.


  1. Too much attachment with the house – Sometimes sellers get too much attached with their property that they are not ready to move on. For this reason they do not make enough efforts to make their property readily accessible to the potential buyers. They are also likely to spend more time in the market.


  1. Repair issues – If your home is sitting longer in the market due to repair issues, then you could be the offender. Houses that lacks timely repair do not attract the buyers. Replace fused tube lights, fix the lose tiles, replace broken door handle. Paint your house if needed. These minor changes can bring lot of difference to your property.

Knowing the reasons why your home is taking too long in the market can help you to improve the reasons. Do not forget if it sits longer on the market, it will be more questionable to the snooping buyers.

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