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First you have to realize what an audio-video format is and what the file is. Format AVI, MP4, MKV … as a container in which you can drawers and putting your audio, video, subtitles, attachments, images, and video files … files (format) depends on the codec that was used when the file is created (converted). The same goes for the Audio file (format).

In addition to this, we should see that the maximum resolution can upload your player. Gledaj you against movies from YouTube or use a better download manager as to what add-on from the browser’s “stuffing” the sorts of codecs and file formats that can be after open only with the computer. Now, there are some standards and criteria as audio or video file packed in a certain container. Za say generally goes XviD AVI or DivX (video) and MP3 or AC3 (audio). For MKV (x264 Video) + (AAC, AC3, or DTS) audio. Similarly, this applies to MP4 to AVI (Base Media).

It’d be more clear for example the MP4 to AVI format that reads your player. Ako to insert a video into AVI file is converted to AVC (x264) codec your player would not recognize this movie no matter what it is AVI. Isto would happen if inserted into the MP4 to AVI (AAC, DTS) audio unknown also your players u. AVC (x264) reading material a little better (not to mention expensive) player-I. Isto applies to AAC, DTS multi-channel audio.

The entire process of converting MP4, MKV, WMV, FLV or other video formats into AVI format Xmedia Recode program (current current version 3164) using almost created presets for audio-video settings. Preset is done with fully tuned AVI-XviD codecs for video and MP3 for audio. Video preset is set for strong compression in two passes to get the most out of a movie when converting back and looking to not exceed the limits of some compatibility standards for home DVD player e. Audio a preset standard MP3 without any changes.

Video preset when converting using “Koepi” XviD MPEG-4 (v 1.3.2) video codec is set to 700 Kbps Bitrate who needed may increase or decrease depending on the original quality and size of the desired output-format. Audio preset when conversion using “Lama” MP3 audio codec (v3.99.5) is set to 128 Kbps Bitrate (44.1 kHz), which is also depending on the source audio material and your needs, can be increased or lowest. Preset is a combination between the medium and slow where again, the length (time) conversion depends on the strength of your computer.

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