Who is the chaff in the taxi family

Does the taxi drivers works at all? They want to earn, and do not want to do … When we need taxi anywhere! In every family there is chaff. Every profession, from doctors, to lawyers, to the taxi driver has a membership which is a shame. Although most tax driversin Town Car New York polite, friendly and honest, there are some of them want to never sit in a taxi.

So what do you do? What do you do when you taxi driverin Town Car New York deliberately driving the long way, so that we charged more? When the nasty and rude to you? When you do some damage? Sign disrespectful! Yes! You have the right to do so. Unfortunately, many do not know they can do it, so why not register. On the other hand, those who know think that no one would not pursue, so there is no point in applying. Believe me, it is very much interested in each taxi service.

So, if you feel that taxi driver was disagreeable to you, that you were charged more than you should, or you believe that you are in any way damaged, sign. The application is filed by call taxi service and a detailed expose the entire case. This application goes to the disciplinary committee or the owner who determines the facts and determine the penalty for the driver. Depending on the offense, the penalty can be a warning, if it is a mild offense, or fired the driver, if it comes to a serious offense.

Also, the Commission (or owns)of Town Car New Yorks determined and possible compensation to the injured party. As you can see, the mechanisms for combating arrogant and insolent drivers exist. Up to you whether you will use them and help us to this wonderful profession clean from the chaff. I know that this has been helpful, and I asked you for this article to share with your friends on Facebook and Twitter, to help and they know their rights. And then I invite you to share with us your experience with taxi drivers (both good and bad) in the comment.

Disputes about the price of a taxi ride as old as taxi services. However, modern electronics could lead to the fact that these conflicts go into history. Many travelers have expressed their satisfaction with the fact that GPS meter remembers where the ride started, so if you switch from a taxi driver say the first zone to another and then back again to the first, taximeter tariff charge transport in a single zone.

Manufacturer taximeter, the company Motorola, claims that there is no possibility of any unauthorized adjustments taximeter and hairdressing prices, and that the same meter can be used in any part of the world. An additional advantage is that the dispatchers at headquarters might choose to see on their screens where the vehicle is still driving and awarded to those who are closest.



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