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When transporting your works in the digital environment and the other way around, you should first and foremost make sure that the thing that you designed is accurately reproduced. Fail to do that and your project will be compromised. With all this digitalizing and automatic arrangements, it is quite difficult to remember one’s training skills.

If you’re thinking at some banner printing Los Angeles based, I am sure you will find numerous opportunities, as there is always something going around in L.A. In this article, I would like to share some tips so that you and your friends can print some nice media walls Los Angeles has never seen before!

To get the best out of your banner, it is advisable to work in CMY rather than RGB. To expand, CMY stands for cyan, magenta, and yellow, whereas RGB is red, green, and blue. This whole thing is a part of the chromatic theory which dates back from the 15th century. It all has to do with the impressions and feelings your colors leave on the viewer. If you want to digitalize your graffiti in Photoshop, you simply do this by clicking Image>mode>CMYK color. I am confident that you can do more research on yourself on this CMY vs. RGB debate, but if not, you can just take my word for it. It works!

Another thing that drives away the viewers from the retractable banner stands in Los Angeles is the resolution. If you made a nice piece, or a nice drawing, and want it to become the next banner in L.A., you’d have to realize one thing: Banners are way bigger than any type of poster, flyer, or something similar. If you really plan on setting up different formats for your promotional campaign, you should definitely set up three different resolutions. If you get this thing right, you can save up an enormous amount of time. Files ready for printing must have the 300 dpi threshold. DPI stands for Dots per Inch. To get the resolution right, you should simply increase the number of dots. That way, when you expand it (even if you made a small A4 drawing), you will get crystal clear resolution no matter the size.

These two in-detail discussed tips should help you get your work down more efficiently, and less costly. Of course, there are thousands of things that can go wrong when trying to make some banner stands Los Angeles based, but these two things are the most common causes of setbacks.

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