Different types of delivery services

Market is full of courier services and delivery service providers these days. You can hardly judge if that is big company or just a small company. The general perception is most of courier companies offer delivery services across the globe and thus are big enterprises. However, there exist many small companies too which are active in some particular areas or cities only. The main reason behind such activity is that they specialize in delivery services like medical couriers or legal couriers and they can quick send documents and other items from one part of city to another. A lot of local delivery services providers can be found on internet with relative ease.

Following are different type of delivery services which courier companies can offer to their clients:

1) International Courier Service: As the name suggests this service is all about sending documents, packages or any permissible items from one part of the world to another. These services depending on cost and priority can be transferred either by ship or by plane. These courier services are further divided into express, overnight or regular delivery. The express service is often costliest but it is fastest whereas regular service is slowest and cheapest among the lot. Depending on your needs and amount you are willing to spend on shipping you can choose any type of service.

2) Nation Wide Service: In this service as the name goes is offered throughout the nation. In these type of services one can opt among normal, overnight or even express services.

3) Specialized local delivery services: In these type of courier service, generally one ships important legal or medical documents or items from one part of city to another city. Most of companies which offer these kind of delivery services operate within 50 miles or 100 miles. These kind of services come pretty handy when you have to deliver your parcels same day but with same professional manner which big companies do. Generally most of people opting for this type of delivery services have large number of letters to be sent to their customers or clients. Though you can also opt for different type of delivery options here too but generally people expect their parcels to deliver same day. When you have to get your parcel delivered same day and not at too far destination it is recommended to opt for these kind of providers as other companies can take a day or more to deliver it.

In all these type of delivery services one can opt for tracking their parcels too. Some courier companies offer it as complimentary service whereas others provide it at a little additional charge. However option to track is always convenient as you will always know if your parcel has been delivered to intended recipient or not. Also, you can see real time or delayed status of your shipment. Many courier companies also offer lot of additional or complimentary services but it is entirely up to customer whether to choose them or not.

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