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How Virtual Reality Will Change Gaming
When I was little, I never wanted a jetpack. I still don't. My Lego men had jetpacks, and even five-year-old me could see that if you bent their stubby little legs back, the twin jets of flame coming out the back of the engines would melt their plastic …
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Engadget's Holiday Gift Guide 2013: Gaming
This is an especially good year for gamers: With major consoles from Microsoft and Sony debuting just in time for the holidays, there are some pretty obvious items to add to the wish list. If hand-held gaming is more your thing, don't fret; we've got …
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Sony on the PS3's lifespan, first-party games and PlayStation Plus support
Sony showed its skill at prolonging the lifespan of last-gen hardware with the PlayStation 2, a console which received a number of terrific games and price cuts years after the arrival of its successor. It's unsurprising that, as the company looks to …
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