What is all the noise about the Google Penguin update?

When someone goes through some SEO articles and blogs they can never escape the phrase “Google Penguin update”. Released in April 2012 the Penguin update penalizes those websites that violate the Google Webmaster Guidelines. One of the important elements of SEO is backlink and there are many ways that unnatural backlinks can be generated by websites. The Penguin update finds out those websites and penalizes them by reducing their PageRank score.

Why the need for the Google Penguin update and what is it all about?
Most website owners and SEO companies hate the fact that Google keeps updating and changing its search algorithm. However, for those that use Google extensively for online search, these updates are absolutely necessary. For an online visitor the most important element is that they get accurate search results. And this is what drives Google to come up with updates to make their experience better. The Penguin update sent shivers throughout the SEO community but those that always engaged in ethical SEO really didn’t get harmed by it.

Through some of its previous updates Google penalized those websites that offered poor quality content and websites that offered above the fold content. The Penguin update targets links – websites that use link spamming are the ones that are penalized.

How does a website know it has been hit by the Google Penguin update? Is there a way to recover once a website gets hit?
A website that was until recently getting showcased at the top of the Google SERPs for specific keyword searches would now find that it figures nowhere for the same keyword searches. Websites that have been using link bombing or link spamming cannot crib. But there are many websites that get affected unknowingly. But they have to take the blame because they need to ensure that the Google guidelines are followed.

Is it right for Google to penalize a website because it couldn’t predict Google updates? Probably yes considering the amount of link bombing that happens online. The Penguin update has actually cleaned up the internet quite a bit.

The problem with this update is that there is no easy recovery if some website gets hit. It’s difficult to get the rank back that a website enjoyed, say a year ago. There are many website owners that have been severely hit as a result of this update but then one cannot much as of now except look at conversion optimization.

What to do to ensure that a website is not hit by the Google Penguin update?
Of course, now that the update is here now and Google has even launched Penguin 5 every website that hasn’t got hit should have a relook at its link profiles.
But this is easier said than done and one needs an experienced and ethical SEO company to handle this job. Gamit is one SEO company that has always worked using ethical SEO. It is one SEO company that can help websites stay “Penguin ready”. Clients of Gamit don’t get hit by the Google Penguin update .

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