Comforters and Bedspreads

Some people would be timid on admitting their state of being unemployed. On the contrary, I am proud to be one – a certified bum. My friends who are currently employed are envious of me for having the courage to quit on the corporate world to pursue nothing.

Never have I thought that I would end up being a bum. But that’s what I am at present. I am just contentedly idling around trying to find a rightful place for me.

Most people would have gone mad for leaving a stable job just to laze around. I beg to differ. Dropping out from it all has been one that I consider the most rational and sane decisions I ever made in my entire life.

I was a typical “yuppie” (as what they call, a coined term for “young professional”) for years, with a good paying 9 to 6 job, wearing the trendiest “power” suits to work. But to put it bluntly, I was doing some pencil-pushing to advance some other people’s interest.

My first real job was three months after getting a degree from a well-known university. Back then, I was filled with enthusiasm and full of determination. I admit that I also went through the usual hell most job seekers must pass, though shortly.

There are those instances that I would stay for several months, sometimes a year then move on to next. Jobs followed one after another. I, too, jumped from one job position to another. The reason behind my changing jobs was finding where I really fit.

Right then, I woke up to a realization that the career path I was following was not the one I intended to take. I decided then to quit my job without knowing where I was headed for. However, it became my stepping stone to start doing the things I really want to.

The first few months were like heaven. I sleep early with my Trina Turk comforter set. Wake up from these comforters and bedspreads late in the morning without having a rush. I have never had so much freedom. It was great to be able to have a movie marathon within my bed sheets or go out at 3:00 in the afternoon while the others are busy on their cubicles and getting their work done.

If there was a disadvantage of being a bum, that is, the lack of money. Yes, you have all the time to do all the things that you want. But at the end of the day, you still have bills to pay and needs to be supplied. Though I was contented with the little that I have, I started to accept freelance jobs. I didn’t mind if the projects came in trickles.

Despite the limits that I’ve set, I still have projects that come by. Time is the precious thing that I want was all mine. Time to do the things that I like such as learning something new, attending workshops and lectures, meditating, and having a coffee with an old friend for hours.

Soon enough, I found other reasons to my new life: My migraine attacks subsided. I am more relaxed. I can now laugh heartily. And best of all, there are no pressures, no deadlines to rush, no cranky bosses and overly-demanding clients to please.

Honestly, bumming has been beneficial to me. It made me realize to be happy and contented is more important than climbing up the corporate ladder.

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