Bushcraft Knives or Pocket Knives- Which One You Need?

If you have been wondering as to which could be the best option between a pocket blade or large bushcraft knife, this article is really meant for you.

We believe that the basic utility of a simple blade carried with the owner is cutting things. Knives comes in a range of styles, sizes, shapes, materials and prices. There are both large as well as small blades on the market. You can have bushcraft knives for your survival needs, while there are a plethora of choices when it comes to buying pocket knives. Literally, you are inundated with choices. However, if you need something for cutting, trimming, tearing flesh, skinning, slicing or small game hunting, investing your money in a good pocket knife could be the best idea for you.

Build & Design

Bushcraft knives are often large with long handle and thick blade. They are meant for large game hunting and require a sheath to store and maintain them in good shape for a long time. On the other hand, pocket knives are small and can be put and carried into pockets everywhere. They are compact and lightweight devices that prove out to be the most portal item. They are easy to grip and use. They perfectly fit into your hand and perform well. They are versatile pieces and could be used a variety of applications from cutting vegetables, tearing flesh to skinning animals. However, you need something compact in design and sturdy in build to effectively perform your tasks.

Blade Quality

Whether you need a pocket knife or bushcraft knives, it is important to check the quality of a blade. Make sure it is sharp enough so that it can things so easily. The blade must be sturdy as well, because a weak one will not withstand the pressure or it won’t be able to cut hard things. The length or size of the blade however depends on your personal choice. If you are going for a bushcraft knife, it is important to have something with larger and sharper blade, while if you are choosing a pocket blade, make sure it is small and fits well into your hands. Also, make sure that there is no difficult while putting it into your pocket or using it anywhere for performing your job.

Other Features

Apart from the above considerations, you also need to check out sever other things like handle, hinges and locking mechanism. Locking systems are the most vulnerable to construction quality. Make sure the knife offers simple locking system and is to open and close every time. It must have a rounded-profile handle that fills your loosely clenched fist. Remember, that the most

portable knife is the smallest and thinnest. There are many types of knives on the market, but the best among them is the one that comes with single blade. So, whenever you buy a knife, make sure you compare them in terms of size, design, ergonomics, materials and many other features.

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