Beautiful Outdoor Storage Benches

In our busy world of multi-tasking and high energy living in efficient homes, it is no wonder that patios and decks have become viable living spaces.

Outdoor storage benches that come in a variety of sizes, materials and looks can not only increase seating capacity, but are efficient storage containers. Whether one fancies storage benches made of pretty weathered woods, good durable plastic or other materials, there is a price range for anyone.

Choosing the Right Storage Bench 

When I began my search of outdoor storage benches, I had in mind a piece of furniture with a supporting back feature. I discovered that there are more storage boxes that have no back or armrests, than benches. So the first decision I had to make was how important the back feature was to me. I decided it was important if I really expected friends and family to sit comfortably on them.

I then began to consider what type of material would fit my needs and taste. I have a cedar deck overlooking a wooded lot. So it was important that I select a bench that would complement my wood deck and landscape. So I began narrowing it down to wooden storage benches and natural color resin/plastic benches. Of course the next big consideration was durability and price.

Other Considerations to Consider

  • Comfortable seating for two adults
  • Enough storage to keep your yard and garden supplies out of sight
  • Contoured back and armrests
  • All-weather and UV-protected resin
  • All weather, treated wood
  • Ventilated, but waterproof
  • Lockable
  • Attractive styling, beautiful design
  • Easy to put together
  • Low maintenance

Durable, All Weather, Resin and Polyethylene Benches

These attractive storage benches look like small loveseats and are affordable, as well as functional. Store your garden tools, grill accessories, toys, pool equipment or extra cushions in a wicker or all- weather resin wicker.  These benches will not warp, rust, rot, dent or peel.

Beautiful and Timeless Wooden Storage Benches

Wood is always a good choice, as it is classy, sturdy, can be treated for outdoor use but brought indoors easily without looking out of place. These wooden benches are great storage for games, beverages, candles and or extra lighting for the patio; not to mention cushions, patio and garden items.

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