“Teeth in One Day®” Professionals in New Jersey Compare Implants with Conventional Bridges, PART 4

Welcome to the final installment of this four-part article series on the key differences between dental implants and conventional dental bridges. From everything the Hoboken dental implants dentist has explained thus far, it would seem as though implants are indeed the superior teeth replacement choice and boast advantages including:


• Superior oral comfort: they often feel more natural than conventional bridges,

• The maintenance of good jawbone health and volume,

• They are free-standing and don’t typically require healthy adjacent teeth to be reshaped in order to help provide support,

• They function independently of the neighboring teeth and so don’t typically stress or damage them as bridges can sometimes do,

• A dental implant used to replace a tooth is usually easier to clean and maintain than conventional bridge supported by adjacent teeth,

• Dental implant supported prosthetics usually have a longer lifespans than tooth borne bridges.


In this article, the final installment of the series, we shall discuss the major concern of New Jersey residents wanting to get new teeth in one day… cost effectiveness.


7. Cost Effectiveness


It’s simply no surprise that everyone wants the best for the least amount of money and while dental implants may come with a higher price tag than conventional bridges, they are typically far more cost effective in the long run. “Where bridges often require repeat maintenance and even replacement, dental implant supported restorations go the distance if cared for properly,” explains a “new teeth in one day” expert in New Jersey. “I’ve had patients who have had their dental implants for upwards of 30 years and they’re still in fantastic working condition.”


What New Jersey residents with dental implants find is that, in the long term, they spend far less money maintaining their new teeth than those with bridges, and this is not even to mention the superior functionality, aesthetics, comfort and health benefits of implants.


“I like to provide patients with a good analogy… would you rather spend less money on a car knowing that it’s going to cost you in repairs and eventually need replacing, or more money on a solid, reliable car that will go the distance with far less trouble? The answer is simple. A reliable car is a smarter investment and will, ironically, cost you less money in the long run than the cheaper, unreliable car. Additionally, you can enjoy greater functionality, aesthetics and comfort!” says the Hoboken dental implants professional.


A Final Note on Teeth Replacement


You only have one set of teeth to last you a lifetime once your adult teeth have emerged. Each and every New Jersey resident should do their very best to look after their natural teeth to ensure that they last well into their late adulthood. Should you ever lose a tooth, you should make the smartest investment possible in your oral health and that investment should be dental implants. Not only can this breakthrough technology give you new teeth in one day, but New Jersey residents can also enjoy their benefits for a lifetime with the right care and professional upkeep.


Most dental implant centers near Hoboken, New Jersey, offer financing for patients whose budgets are a little tighter, so never allow a concern for cost to come between you and a beautiful, confident and healthy smile!

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Jack De Richards is an expert offering insights on Hoboken Dental Implants. In this article he discusses the cost effectiveness of dental implants to get new teeth in one day.

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