Three Obamacare Facts That Every American Should Know

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, more commonly known as Obamacare, is a US Federal Statute that has confronted many opposing opinions in recent times, mainly from the rightist groups who have been relentless since the major overhaul of the healthcare system regulations in 2010. A reality-based discussion is still lacking from both the ruling and opposition parties and this is the main reason why average Americans are in a muddle now. What are the Obamacare facts that need to be unearthed from within the heap of myths and misconceptions that have spiraled around the phenomenal regulatory overhaul? It is true that the Republican propaganda and punditry have detracted and loomed large on the true objectives behind this regulatory overhaul.  Let us unpack few of the most widespread misconceptions around Obamacare subsidies and related matters.

Obamacare kills jobs

The republicans often aim a blow at the Obamacare Act and they keep playing the same record time and again, ‘Obamacare is a job-killer’. This is one effective way to fright Americans and has been proven a vote-earner for their anti-reform cause. The scare stories are some way or the other based on the premeditated misinterpretation of a budget report where it was mentioned in one place that the Fed laws will trim down ‘amount of labor’ (an estimated figure of 800,000 workers). What the unremitting lobbyists forgot to underline is that the Budget Office referred to workers who have chosen to retire earlier and work part-time. These vacancies will be filled up by new employees. Obamacare actually aims to reduce the healthcare costs and this very fact was dropped from their propaganda, on purpose though.

Obamacare is a government buyout of health insurance

Let’s get to real Obamacare facts first. The primary mechanism of the 2010-born Act promises to send millions of Americans to private insurers. In fact, a section of the Republicans have ventilated their concerns saying that the law is to ‘Federal’ and that insurance choices are one size fits all. However, the reality is that private insurers are now being better regulated and monitored by the Fed government and are supported by government subsidies. The health care expenses on the Federal government’s part is expected to be covered by the built in health reform law through the end of 2021 as estimated.

Obamacare appoints bureaucrats secretively who are there to cut off your treatment

Campaigners from the Republican side have called attention to the ‘fact’ that the new law will limit treatment expenses, thereby restricting citizens from undergoing necessary diagnosis or treatment. This is where the fallacy borders on farce. The new law actually appoints an independently operating Advisory Board that can only propose ways to curtail Medicare spending and can only advise healthcare providers. The Board has nothing to do with individuals. It cannot hold you back from taking treatment and cannot affect your eligibility.

The sooner Americans stop seeing the Sasquatch in the Obamacare subsidies and regulations, the better reformed will the healthcare system be.

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