Giant Inflatable Floating Rafts

1Last summer I was boating with friends on beautiful Torch Lake in Northern Michigan. There is an enormous sand bar on the south side of the lake where hundreds of boats congregate on a summer afternoon. Boats of all sizes anchor here and people love to enjoy themselves in the two feet of clean Michigan water.

On a typical day you will see people playing catch or volleyball, floating on an inflatable, walking around and talking, and enjoying loud music. There are even 1-2 burger pontoon boats that furnish delicious hamburgers and hotdogs that they cook on their pontoon boat’s grills.

It was on this particular day that I saw several people lounging on an enormous, inflatable raft.

I decided then and there that I was going to get a party raft like that so we could tie it to the boat.

What to Consider When Looking at Party Rafts


2Once I decided that I wanted an inflatable floating island for this summer, I began researching them.  I began as I always do, by “Googling” it.
I found that there are many variables to consider.  For example:  How many people did I want to accommodate?  What are the name brands out there and which inflatable rafts are rated the highest by consumers?  What features do I need to consider? Finally, what is the price range for these water floats?  I found the answers I was looking for and wanted to share it with you.

How many people?
A large raft or float just doesn’t describe these inflatable, floating party rafts. Regular rafts or floats hold 1 – 2 people; floating party rafts hold from 4 – 8 people. I was looking for one that could accommodate 4 to 8 people depending on the brand.

Brands and High Consumer Ratings

The companies that make the top rated large floating rafts that I considered, included:

SportsStuff, Intex, Sea-Doo, Sevylor, and SWC.

Product Features
I had no idea there were so many product features to choose from.  The following is a list of the many features you may want to consider if you purchase one of these floating party islands:


  1. Detached or built-in inflatable cooler
  2. Cup holders for each seat
  3. Comfortable, back supported seats
  4. Waterproof MP3 music system
  5. Rope ladder or platform for easy boarding from the lake
  6. Towing ability
  7. Warranty
  8. Mesh netting on the bottom or center of raft to allow water in to cool you off


Product Details

  • Heavy duty PVC construction
  • Safety valve for easy inflation and deflation
  • PVC anchor bag for towing capability
  • PVC boarding handles

Prices of the highly rated floating party islands ranged from $140 to $500.  You also have to consider shipping cost if you order online.

My Decision


I liked the Sevylor Inflatable 108 Inch Mothership Island because it had an attached 2 person tube. I thought that it was very unique. It also had a 90 day warranty. I also like the MP3 music system on the Sea Doo 6 Person Inflatable Aqua Lounge (4 person too).The Aquaglide Fiesta Lounge had the best warranty – 3 years. But, I finally decided on the Fiesta Island 1-8 Person by SportsStuff because it could accommodate up to 8 people, it was priced within my budget and it had free shipping if I ordered it through Amazon. Free shipping saves a lot of money!


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