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Homeowners who wait forward to renovating their house or even just a single room should know the differences between granite quartz. Although they are quite not notable, as they are purely natural and manufacturers struggle to point out their benefits in both cases. Those interested in the subject can now find everything important about quartz surface and granite and in the end, choose the best option for their homes. Nevertheless, they will bring out the best in your house, assuring you end up having a practical and very stylish appeal and look.

To start with the comparison along granite quartz, let’s see their composition and what you can expect. Granite is indeed 100% natural and counters that are made out of it come exactly from quarries, as manufacturers do their best to cut the pieces into specific sizes and hone them down until they are perfectly smooth or slightly rugged, according to how customers prefer. On the other hand, quartz is not totally 100% natural, as the material is mixed with color pigments in order to bring out that natural and pristine shade. Polymer resins are also used to combine the two elements together. This is why you can see so many color combinations and amazing hues for a simple quartz surface.

Moreover, when it comes to price there is actually no point in revising this point. People who want something highly affordable should look elsewhere. Granite quarts are both highly popular on the market and they will continue to have shifting prices. It also depends from where you get them from and if a certain manufacturer ships the materials or not. Whenever looking to invest in a quartz surface, no matter if for the kitchen, bathroom, dining room or even for outdoor places, it is best to evaluate the quality of the materials and afterwards the price factor.

Maintenance is another important aspect that should not be overlooked. Most people think that once they choose granite quartz, they will not have to change or do anything to keep that stunning design. In the case of quartz it is actually true; as continued sealing is not necessary and even after a long period of time you will still believe that your kitchen has been recently renewed. This is actually one of the main benefits of the quartz surface and one essential reason why to look more into this option. Granite is also a good choice, although from time to time it will require sealing.

Finally, durability is the main key that people want to know more about. Quartz is indeed amazing and you will not encounter stains after a while or cracks either. Because of the resins in its composition, staining has less chances of occurring in time. Once you get high quality quartz from the beginning, you will have it for a lifetime or at least until you want to make a change and choose another color or design. Granite might be more subjected to stains, so it is always a good option to be more careful around it and to avoid certain situations, such as red wine spills.

Now that you have learned more about granite quartz, you will be able to make the right choice. If interested, you can find a wide variety of quartz surface designs right here, along with recommendations and ideas.

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