Take a Ride on The Wild Side with Dubai desert Safari.

The first things that come to mind when one thinks of the city of Dubai arecolossal sky scrapers, gigantic malls, limitless shopping opportunities, and precious Oil. It is quite astounding to see, that this metropolitan nation isalso home to a diverse array of wildlife. A desert safari tour is the perfectopportunity for animal lovers to have a firsthand experience ofDubai’swildlife.ADesert safari is a form of off-road excursion that gives you a chance tosee the sights and explores the desert flora and fauna. These safaris allowvisitors to journey through Dubai’s desert landscape and observe its munificence. With a little bit of luck, and a keen eye for detail, guests mayhave the opportunity to see a bit of Dubai’s indigenous wildlife such asdesert foxes, sand cats, and falcons.

2. An experienced tour guide operator will surely be able to point out anArabian gazelle for you during your safari. There has been increasingnumber of sightings of this graceful dear like beast in the Jebel Ali region.Once you venture out far enough into the desert you may even come acrossan Arabian thar. This Species of thar is native to Arabia and is the smallest of its species. This beast is truly a sight to behold, with its long reddish-brown hair, and dark stripes running down its back. The Oryx is also another large species of antelope, which is native to the Arabian Peninsula.TheOryx has pale fur, with dark contrasting markings on its face and legs.Dubai also offers refuge to hundreds of species of migratory birds fromAsia, Europe and Antarctica. Some of these include flamingos, hoopoes, bee-eaters, kingfishers, Indian rollers as well as the booted warbler. Scaledvipers, in addition to desert monitors are some of the reptilian species that call these desert dunes their home. A number of other rare animals like theArabian leopard, striped hyenas, the ibex and the Gordon’s wild cat can befound in the Deserts of Dubai.However, it is quite heartbreaking that most of these animals have becomeendangered. The main factors that have led to their imperilment areurbanization and hunting that happens on a large scale. Nevertheless, a bigthank you to the stringent measures that have been taken up by localauthorities and the government, their numbers is on the rise.

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