How to better Manage Data Centre to Smoothen the Business Operations

Not very long ago the service level agreement (SLA) commitments made by the chosen vendor would have a blanket smile across the domain. Every presentation on IT Managed services would have routine slides showing SLA based guaranteed uptime. Assigning a penalty clause to a breached SLA seemed to have covered every aspect of managing the Data Center and the IT Infrastructure. In spite of all this, data centers and servers still fail, applications do turn sluggish, backups work but the restoration doesn’t, and many of these issues still give sleepless nights to the top management. The problem is that most data centers service providers look at the Data Center as a singular unit which is not correct.

The idea should be to break down the data centre into different value units to measure and classify its effect on business. This impact can then be further classified into high, medium and low category. Once this is done, those classifications should have dedicated management on priority basis. Doing this would help the organization to focus more on the High Impact zones and spend more money in their uptime rather than the whole Data Center. This would also let them save money spent on whole data center management. The Managed Service Providers can also use its resources smartly and efficiently.

The road ahead for the Organization –

  • Complete an assessment with the business & IT team to segregate every IT Infra component into groups as per their business Impact Value.
  • Scrutinizing data centers in all the relevant areas for the purpose of confirming its availability, maintaining IT security, assessing the impact on environment and its compliance with the pre-defined standards.
  • Ensure the design and correctness of hosted computer environment of data center.
  • Manage every group as a single Data Center by applying required tool configuration, response time, SLA, etc.
  • Work towards multiple layers of redundancy & data consistency for the high Impact group.
  • Reduce operational costs for company on the low impact group

The management of data center vis-a-vis SLA requires standardization across equipments and information systems to minimize the disruption in company operations.

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