Find new business opportunities with feuerzeuge bedrucken

Everyone who smokes has a lighter in their pocket at all times, and if you are looking for a different way to sell yourself to the public, investing in feuerzeuge als werbeartikel is an excellent opportunity to increase visibility around your company. Everyone loves gifts, and a functional one like a lighter will always be appreciated.


While electronic cigarettes have started being popular among consumers, traditional cigars are still the preferred ones, out of obvious reasons. Thus, people carry lighters with them all of the time, which they pass on to others as well, as other persons need to light up a cigarette. Of course, lighters can be used for many other things as well, and it never hurts to have one in your back pack as you travel – who knows when you’ll need it?! Because of their popularity, lighters can serve marketing purposes, if printed. Just add your company’s logo to an already existing lighter and, voila! You have feuerzeuge als werbeartikel.


Feuerzeuge bedrucken is very simple and online you can find companies which offer you great prices for printing services on lighters, as well as an extensive collection of lighters. Some firms can offer different models of feuerzeuge als werbeartikel. Some of the most popular lighters are Unilite lighters, but also BIC lighters, which can come in different models, colors and materials. The standard thin shape is what people normally choose, but you can also find more robust lighters which you can order online. Unilite and BIC are some of the best and most popular lighters, and they have been used for years in the marketing industries as promotional gifts. Plus, the key advantage is that you can order them in bulk, which makes feuerzeuge bedrucken much cheaper. You can either give them as promotional gifts or as small memorabilia in your corporate or private and public events.


You can also choose how you want your lighters to ignite, choosing either lighters that have friction wheels, or light up by pressing a button which ignites an electric spark. For feuerzeuge bedrucken you will also have to take into consideration the model that you want, the color and the place where you want your logo to be. For side logos your order will be completed much faster, but you may have to wait a little more if you are looking for a more clever and unique design. People will love your gift as everyone loves freebies. Plus, the great thing about choosing Unilite feuerzeuge als werbeartikel is the fact that these can be recharged, and so people will keep your gift, with your logo publicized on it, for a longer time. The things that we see or do repeatedly remain in our minds, so associating your logo with an object that clients use every day is a way of creating visibility and getting loyalty, or at least interest in your company. Online you can find some really interesting lighters that will look great as promotional items.

Choose Unilite or BIC feuerzeuge als werbeartikel; prices for feuerzeuge bedrucken are very advantageous online.

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