A business opportunity you cannot miss: werbemittel feuerzeuge

It’s already a traditional marketing tool to use different small items to get your client’s appreciation and to promote yourself. Among the most popular objects that can act as promotion gifts, werbemittel feuerzeuge are a great choice. Choose quality lighters like a BIC j38, print them with your logo and offer them to your clients; they will certainly enjoy them.


People just love receiving free promotional items and gifts in general, and as we are approaching Christmas and that time of the year where most gifts are given, it could be a good idea to give your business partners, employees or public some free products. How about a light? A BIC j38 light, to be more specific! Lighters are one of the most popular objects people buy, and we’re not referring just to smokers. Pretty much everyone has a lighter in their house, as these can help in a lot of different situations. As such, no one will refuse a lighter if you them one for free, but don’t just give them a simple lighter; instead, print your logo on it and you’ve just added a new tactic to your marketing strategy.


Using lighters is a way of getting more visibility around yourself. Just think about this: every time a person will take out a lighter with your logo printed on it, they will inevitably see the name of your company printed on its surface, and thus you get to do, with very little expenses, what it would take maybe months or years – create a visual memory of yourself in a person’s mind. That’s the role of advertising, making your product familiar to people by constant visual or audio repetitions. Werbemittel feuerzeuge really help you do that much faster. Depending on the lifetime of the werbemittel

feuerzeuge, the persons who carry the lighter you give them will see your logo a few thousand times, which is more than any commercial, press print or radio add will ever promise!


Just take a BIC j38. This type of electronic werbemittel feuerzeuge is equipped with children protection mechanisms and it is a reliable lighter that has a long life-span; the BIC j38 can light up to 1800 times, there’s no friction wheel since it lights up electronically and it is designed according to the highest standards of quality, ISO 9994, thus offering reliability. Just print a lighter like this with your logo and offer the product to your clients: you’ll make them happy. Plus, you should also take into consideration that the probability of increasing your visibility is even higher since people commonly ask other for a light, even on the street. This means that not just your direct clients will be exposed to the message – name of your company – but also other with whom your clients might get in contact. And so, a simple almost unnoticed item can become a real marketing tool that can help you raise business and profit and get more attention from people. Plus, considering how cheap printed lighters are, it’s worth trying this out for more success.

Werbemittel feuerzeuge are a cheap but highly efficient marketing tool. Try a BIC j38.

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