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For many people, selling their home is not something that they do on a regular basis. With the huge amounts of money involved in every step of this process, not to mention the hours spent in planning every step of the way and the physical effort of having to acquire a home, existing home owners must do all they can in order to get the most out of the sale of the property they had spent so much time with.

However, many a time an existing home owner will not know what exactly must be done in order to maximize the value of their home, be it due to a lack of knowledge and / or time. Many times such pressures can lead these people to rush their sale decision which more often than not results in them getting a far lower value than the one they were hoping for.

There are a few trade secrets which existing home owners who are looking to sell their property can use in order to make sure they get a better price for their home. The first step is to clear the home of any personal belongings which might be visible. This helps during open house visits since prospective home buyers get a more accurate feel of the property since they do not associate their visit as a trip through someone else’s home, but a home they could be living in.

By cleaning up their home, existing home owners can make these open house visits more appealing for prospective home buyers since a dirty home might put them off despite the house matching their requirements. Any prospective home buyers visiting a property will first check its face value and if the house in question is dirty, they will see it as a reason to reduce their offer.

By turning up the lighting in their home, even during the day, existing home owners can create a warmer and more welcoming effect for the prospective home buyers. With warm lighting, a home can be made to look far more intimate and cozy. Opening up windows to let in natural light is also a move many existing home owners ignore at their own risk.

Before selling the home, existing home owners must also make sure that all the fittings, be they electrical or sanitary, are fully functional. Having a realtor contact a home inspector can help existing home owners discover a lot of problems on their property which might cause a problem once the prospective home buyers drop in.

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