Truncate Sins, Instate Spirituality at Balaji Temple

Abhishekam has the power to attract cosmic energy at  Balaji temple, which would be beneficial for the devotees attending the abhishekam ceremony, as the offerings are gently poured over the idol(s) and it results in the radiation of divine blessings and provides protection from the evil. It purifies the soul of a person from within and results in the spiritual upliftment of the devotees. Also, the ceremony purifies the surrounding atmosphere and it contributes to the health and wealth of an individual in particular and public in general.


The combination of powerful positive energy of the offerings at Balaji temple and the recitation of the Vedic Mantras creates magnificent and purifying vibrations which would be very beneficial for all those attending the ritual.


Pooja must be the divine module in every one’s life. Offering pooja-archana to Lord Shree Balaji is to thank him for the wonderful things he has gifted us. We offer pooja to please lord and to get the wish fulfilled. As you go on offering pooja-archana to Lord Balaji, you continuously promote yourself to the next levels in the path of spirituality. One must keep immense patience to upgrade and to be on the top with regards to Bhakti marg. The reward that you would get will be unmaterialistic, you would be honored in the court of Shree Balaji.

Why one should do Annadanam at Balaji Temple

It is said in shastras offering ‘ann’ to the people brings glory, strength and fame in Trilokas.


The word annadanam literally means offering food to the people. People cannot live without food, hence the donors of Annadanam are also considered as donors of ‘pranadanam’. People who will donate for annadanam would get great honor in the court of Shree Balaji at Balaji temple.


Deeds have got the potential to create a better tomorrow. Every positive action being carried has positive energy that we need to countenance in future.  One must serve mankind selflessly to get rewards that are beyond your accepted wisdom. When you request for something in front of lord, it gets fulfilled on the basis of your deeds. The deed of Annadanam helps people to truncate their sins. We at Shree Balaji temple are striving hard to serve hungry people, to make them satisfied, for their better tomorrow.


Annadanam is considered as best among all charities, and that too at the holy place, Shree Balaji Mandir-Charkop. Shree Balaji Mandir, is planning to come up with annadanam seva on every Saturday at Balaji temple. You are given a divine opportunity to land your hand in our noble act.

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