Lipolisis Laser – Liposuccion Laser: Things That You Wanted to Know about

Laser lipolysis is more popularly referred as ‘laser lipo’ or ‘smart lipo’, two phrases that imply the non-invasive nature of the cosmetic procedure. Lipolisis laser – liposuccion laser is a commonly adopted surgical procedure which has been proven instrumental in removing saddle bags, double chins, love handles and other unwanted fat. The cosmetic surgical procedure can reduce the adipose cell cells that are stubborn in nature and do not respond to dietary treatments and fitness exercises. The cosmetic surgeons use optical maser to melt down extra fat and then enable the body to metabolize the fat. There are cirujanos plasticos Colombia who use ‘laser lipo’ to do away with the extra fat from their patients’ body.


How risky is the procedure?


Many people love to call liposuccion laser a ‘lunchtime treatment’, connoting the minimum risks the procedure involves. However, lipolysis involves some amount of risks as this is a surgical procedure in a broad sense. You should consider the fact that anesthetic procedures precede the main treatment procedure and the surgeon is likely to make a small incision in the treatment area. However, the procedure is certainly less risky than the traditional liposuction procedure. You should not confuse it with any other weight loss treatment and if you are really heavy a person, the procedure may not be suitable for you. In general, lipolisis laser – liposuccion laser is meant for people who have localized fat in their body. For them, it is a rather painless way to get a perfect body shape, and that too within a very short period of time.


Are you eligible?


Ideal candidates for laser lipolysis are those who have intractable fat deposits in their body. There are many people who have dropped by the wayside after trying different slimming and fat-burning tactics and medicines that come with many promises. If they opt for ‘smart lip’, they can easily do away with the localized fat deposits. Keep in mind that this type of cosmetic procedure is suitable for those who are of average built and have normal body weight.


Before the treatment


You should talk to an experienced cosmetic surgeon before you decide to go for the treatment as it is an invasive procedure to some extent and the procedure may become more invasive than usual to make your body shaper perfect. Up to 500mls of can be removed with lipolisis laser. For burning more fat cells, you need to undergo laser liposuction. Do not take any decision without consultation with an experienced surgeon.


During the treatment


Lipolysis is usually preceded by local anesthesia and your surgeon has to check several things to decide whether you are physically fit for a local anesthetic procedure. The entire treatment will take 1-2 hours.


After the treatment


You are likely to be advised by a cirujanos plasticos Colombia to take rest for an hour or so following the treatment and you can resume your normal activities the next day only. It is highly advisable for you to avoid strenuous physical exercises and other activities for at least 1-2 weeks.

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