Lighthearted gaming with juegos friv

Gaming is something most of us love. Before there were computer games we had those small video game machines on which we could play some really nice games. Then computer programmers completely changed this domain. First there were those DOS-based games that we so loved and later on we became exposed to some of the finest games that have ever been produced. Friv websites today have a mix of the old and the new games. Visit any juegos friv website and you are bound to find games that you would love to play.


Simplicity is what you associate with most of the juegos friv websites. All these friv game websites have the simplest layout where all you see are thumbnails of the games that they have. The appearance of these websites is like a shopping window where you see small icons of the listed games. To start a game you click on one of the thumbnails and the game starts. Once you are through playing a game you come back to the homepage and start another game. A typical website like this has enough games to keep someone hooked for days and months.


Mario is among the best known game characters ever. For more than a few decades Mario and Luigi have thrilled video game lovers worldwide. When you visit friv websites you will find many games that are associated with these characters and also those characters that you associate with the Mario games. Instead of the standard Mario game you also have other games available where you can take Mario through other adventures and even races. Friv gaming websites have a lot of these older games that surely take you back more than a few years.


What makes juegos friv so popular is that one doesn’t need expensive computers with state of the art processors to play these games. Visit any friv website and you will find that most of the games are lower on the graphics. This means they can run on slower processors and they load almost instantly. There is no need to have expensive graphics cards or sound cards and social networking with other gamers. You simply click on a game and start playing it instantly. But this doesn’t mean that you don’t have great gaming experience. If you love retro games then these websites offer you the best retro games. You will fall in love with Mario and other characters as you play games built around them.


Gaming today has changed drastically from the earlier times and most gamers talk about high graphics games that cost a lot to buy and play. But there is no cost involved in juegos friv. You play the games for free for as long as you like. These lighthearted games are ideal for those that want to relax over computer games. There are enough friv websites where these games are available and most of them offer you complete gaming delight. Start gaming today and you will play for hours on end.

Friv websites offer retro games that are free to play. Juegos friv can hook your attention for hours.

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