The World Cup 2014 and Related News

Brazil – Violence, snakes, tarantulas … As we approach the WK in Brazil, easily analyze all aspects WK 2014 Speelschema fevers. Always wary of British domestic public attention directed to the not so nice side of the country of Zambia. Fire, southern blood in his veins too often clouds the mind, cheering blindness overcome the limits of socially acceptable behavior at sporting events, and it happens scandal.The scandal like the one seen in the match between Atletico Paranensea and Vasco DA Gama, when there was a serious conflict in the stands, which was at one time a helicopter had to land on the ground, two injured fans transported to the hospital.

This is Brazil . A country where WK 2014 Speelschema is loved in a special way .

Emancipated and culturally awakened is the nation’s football experience a different way of Brazil will receive a roller coaster ride what they have not seen before. Problems with the construction of the stadium , the fear of a boycott and incidents on the very streets of Brazilian cities , combined with potential problems in the stands , are sufficient reasons for fear . No matter how cruel looked at the stands during maintenance WK 2014 Speelschema should not expect major problems .Not for the good of the organization or your security aspects , but because of the social moment . It has already been pointed out many times , ticket prices are such that those who prefer sport and football in Brazil Dobrano away from the stadium . Those who do not care about the money when the time comes to Brazil , his attention to a whole other matter.Always warily of the English in the discussion took on particular aspects that prompt their fans who are preparing for the journey to Brazil. And , the wildlife. On tarantulas , scorpions , snakes and poisonous insects that could find their way to the stadium in WK 2014 Speelschema in the Brazilian jungle.

Moreover, the Department of Health has warned the English people to pay particular attention to rabies and stray dogs in the tropical city of Manaus, a city where football fans mostly cobras, scorpions and other animals which are favorable for tropical living conditions. The danger, warns, lurking from the air, from dangerous mosquitoes carry yellow fever, dengue and other highly contagious diseases.As a result, the English fans were given advice that is sure to vaccinate against all kinds of potential infection so as not to become part of the statistics, which says that every year in Brazil due to infectious diseases, rabies transferred after the bite of stray dogs lose their lives as much as 55 thousand people! Football of course, after this information falls into the background

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