Details About Football World Cup 2014

FIFA has announced that Brazil with $ 2.5 million to compensate the pollution of the environment that will be created during plane flights during WK 2014. As stated by the United States Agency for Environmental Protection , during maintenance WK 2014 Speelschema.They drop in air two million tons of carbon dioxide , which is equivalent to the amount produced by 560,000 cars per year .FIFA will help Brazil to tackle the problem of pollution by funding projects such as tree planting . President of FIFA sector for social responsibility Federico Adijeki said he would spend ” several million dollars ” in compensation for pollution . As Adijekisaid , only fans who will follow the 64 matches in 12 stadiums throughout Brazil produce about 90 percent of greenhouse gas emissions . The remaining 251,000 tons of produce FIFA through various activities – travel teams, judges, officials , hotel and pollution , the use of the stadium and other activities during the tournament .

FIFpro : Payment Against Corruption

Although players usually find well paid athletes , that is , according to the FIFPro, the only in some cases. Most of the players , according to the organization , “to the average wage .” A number of clubs , but the largest five world leagues – English, German, Spanish, French and Italian, which will play in WK 2014 in the financial problems, and it is not uncommon for players waiting for months to pay. ” Football players are victims of match fixing ,” said the recently FIFpro , adding that the players never initiate corruption , but they are at the bottom fixing .FIFpro stressed that it is necessary to create conditions in which players will be tempted to accept corruption. Association of professional players recently complained about the delay , or complete absence of salary players , especially in Eastern Europe. FIFpro in August warned its members to think twice before signing contracts with clubs in Cyprus, Turkey and Greece.

Football Stopped Due To The Death Of Mandela

South African football league postponed all matches in that country to the funeral of former President Nelson Mandela. Some stadiums in South Africa will be used to mention a great fighter against apartheid. Former President of South Africa, died on Thursday and will be buried on Sunday in his native Kuna village in the rural Eastern Cape. The great Mandela memorial will be held on Tuesday at the stadium in Johannesburg, where the 2010th The final match was played the championship of the world between Spain and the Netherlands (1-0) in WK

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