Football Players And Their Strengths

Argentinian Lionel Messi, the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo and Frenchman Franck Ribery stayed in the race for the Ballon d’Or, after the FIFA shortened the list of candidates, and all of them will play in WK 2014 The Golden Ball will be awarded at a ceremony in Zurich on January seventh. Messi has so far four times in a row was named the best, Ronaldo has managed to do that once – in 2008, and Ribery in his career he was not given the balloon d’Or. Nemanja Vidic and Branis lav Ivanovic lead the list of the 20 defensive players who compete for a place in the ideal team of the Association of professional players (FIFPro). Candidates for coach of the year as Jurgen Klop, Jup Hajnkes, Alex Ferguson. The selection of the best football woman players are Nadine Angerer of Germany, Brazilian Marta and Abby wombats from the U.S.

Capello : Russia Favored In Group H

Selector Russia Fabio Capello believes that his team is the favorite in Group H of the WK 2014 Speelschema in Brazil in 2014., outside Belgium, South Korea and Algeria.” Everyone says that Belgium is the favorite, but my guess is that this role belongs to Russia,” said Capello. “We are happy because we have to avoid playing in the northeastern part of Brazil, where the flying time is very hot and humid,” said Capello. 67 -year-old expert added that he would like his team to be located in WK 2014 in Campinas, near Sao Paulo. Capello said that the group H strong teams and that he cannot be underestimated, although many believe that it is precisely this group of perhaps the worst in the history of the world championships. “Belgium is a great team of young and very good players. We’ll have to find a way to confront them, “said Capello. Capello said that he and South Korea a serious opponent.” My friend Alberto Zakeroni, who coached Japan, advised me to keep Koreans and certain I will study their style of play,” said Capello.

The Game Remained Matic, Ibra and Neymar!

Serbian footballer Nemanja Matic remained in the competition to win prizes Ferenz Puskas, awarded for the most beautiful goal of the year. FIFA shortened the list from ten to three candidates, in addition to Serbian players in the race are still football PSG’s Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Barcelona player anymore. The Golden Ball will be awarded at a ceremony in Zurich on January seventh. Only Neymar will play in World cup 2014 from this players.

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