Do you know what an InkLink is? Well then… why don’t you go online, to, in order to find out? This incredible and well-organized website has a lot of information regarding the CISS (or Continuous Ink Supply System), as well as details concerning the difference between a dye and a pigment, about laser toners, printers and so on and so forth! You can also start a serious shopping spree if you go online, to the above-mentioned website! So, what are you waiting for? Learn new things and add as many products you need in your basket! You will see how amazing they really are!

For those of you who want to know more details concerning InkLink, then you ought to visit the following website: namely! InkLink represents a Continuous Ink Supply System (abbreviated as CISS), being used instead of traditional inkjet cartridges. To put it simple, it is a self-contained unit, having its own cartridgesfed by a principal ink tank that is situated beside your personal printer. The entire system is like a huge cartridge feeding ink to the respective printer, managing to save a total of 95% over the cost of using cartridges.

Also known as CISS or Continuous Ink Supply System, the InkLinkcan indubitably provide a continuous supply of ink, thus simplifying your life and helping you save a lot. If you are interested in Rihac’sInklink, then you should know that, unlike other disposable cartridges, it can last for years, being created solely from recycled materials. How great is that?

You ought to keep in mind that, if you go online, to, you will be able to get a lot of information concerning Rihac, an amazing CIS system and premium quality refill ink producer that manages to help a lot of businesses by supplying a wide range of refillable cartridges and resin encapsulated pigment inks for various brands and by revolutionizing the market through eliminating the need for traditional and expensive disposable ink cartridges. Rihac is an outstanding company that has managed to be recognized by people all across the world as being the very best supplier and by offering a system which reduces significantly all costs, offering easy DIY installation, as well as an endless refill capability, thus altering the face of printing nowadays.

Should your business be interested in reselling Rihac products or trying the CISS (or Continuous Ink Supply System), then you are recommended to go to and to get the contact details of the members of Rihac! You have to keep in mind that they will also carry a wide range of refillable catridges and resin encapsulated pigment inks for the Epson brand.

Is your business interested in reselling Rihac products or getting more information about CISS or Continuous Ink Supply System? If the answer is yes, then make sure you go online, to, and get information about all the amazing and incredibly affordable Rihac products and about the tremendously helpful InkLink system!

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