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A leading global company dealing with sports analysis, simulation is even 6.4 million World Cup games, a conclusion regarding the next WM 2014 claims that the cup raises a host. Immediately after the draw in which we learn to Spielplan WM 2014 group championships in Brazil, company Bloomberg Sports, which deals with sports analysis, calculate the aspects which made a simulation of the final outcome of the WM 2014. Based on the budget, which included the simulation of each match by more than a hundred times, BS is recalculated 6.4 million matches. Representations previously given odds on that influenced form, quality, rating, and climate conditions, and came to the conclusion that the primary winner declared Brazil. Hosted by the projection of these companies only had a hundred percent performance, and finals, defeated Spain 1-0.When it comes to performance teams, particularly our neighbors, Croatia will be the WM 2014 forgive even in the group stage takmčenja, while Bosnia and Herzegovina, after a smooth passage groups, the next round of selection France lose 2-1. Identical results to the French lost in the quarterfinals to Germany, while in the semi-final clashes Germans were third in the percentage of passage into the final. Most opportunities are given to the host ( 49.5 % ), Argentina ( 36.7 % ), Germany ( 32.4 % ) and Spain ( 29.3 % ).

Trapattoni : ” I’m Not In The Office ”

Celebrated Italian football coach, Giovanni Trapattoni said he still thinks about retirement, and does not exclude the possibility to find the WM 2014 next year in Brazil. Italian football coach, Giovanni Trapattoni, said today that he will continue his career as a coach of a national team. Trapattoni( 74) wants to return to football after he left his job in September, the Irish National team, after consultation with the Association. “I had offers to finish the season in some clubs, but I did not like the coach. Evaluate bids, I will sit on the bench of a team, because I’m too young to work in the office… ” said Trapattoni to list Gazetadello Sport. ” I might even be at the Spielplan WM 2014.” SaidTrapattoni. Trapattoni said recently that for him were interested clubs from Japan and the United States. It was during his career, among others, coached Juventus, Inter, Milan, Bayern Munich, Benfica, and was the coach of Italy.

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